Candy Classics for a Modern Holiday

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

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We all love holiday food traditions.  Like a classic song or movie can benefit from a remix or a remake, so too can classic holiday food and candy! Attract customers of every generation by serving up classic holiday traditions with a fresh, modern spin.

Putting a new twist on longtime traditions makes you stand out as a source for cutting-edge trends – during the holidays and beyond. Give those die-hard holiday fans a new way to celebrate (a change in routine is always welcome), and win over new, younger fans too.

Join us as we don our confectionery DJ/Producer hats and remix some long-time holiday staples.

Cocoa and Cookies for Santa

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There’s some debate on the origins of leaving a plate of goodies for the man in the red suit — a means to teach children to give to others —  an offering for the animals that pull the big guy’s sleigh — or simply a bribe to get more presents (  No matter which lore is your family’s favorite, there’s no denying cocoa and cookies for Santa is a holiday must.  We believe whether you’ve been naughty or nice, Santa deserves a fancy beverage and delectable accompaniments. 

Santa is “da’ bomb”. What better way to say so than with  Clever Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bombs?! Rich chocolate orbs filled with hot chocolate toppings like mini marshmallows melt and burst when dunked into a mug of hot milk. They blow the traditional hot chocolate experience out of the water. Presentation is everything, so make Santa’s customary hot beverage social media-worthy. Jazz it up with a decoration that’s flavorful AND functional. We recommend Candy Peppermint Spoons and cocoa toppers made of a mega marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with crushed peppermint candies. Better yet – both!  Santa is on the go, so customers may prefer to present him with a portable version of the hot beverage favorite. Kopper’s Hot Cocoa Bites bring the cocoa goodness in bite-size confections sure to make Santa smile.

Cookies are a tasty tradition but they DO tend to leave crumbs on a red suit and cling to bushy beard whiskers. Not a good look. Instead, offer the big guy a neater option — sugar cookie flavored confections. You can’t go wrong with a candy icon like M&M’s. Imagine the candy shell full of sugar cookie flavor – a thoroughly modern way to enjoy a classic flavor – M&M’s White Chocolate Sugar Cookie.  For those really angling for the BIG gift from Santa, go gourmet with expertly crafted Ghirardelli Sugar Cookie Squares.

Grandma’s Candy Dish

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Though we all know we shouldn’t spoil our appetite for holiday dinner, there’s something naughty yet sweet about sneaking a little something from grandma’s candy dish. And, what Nana or Grandma would deny her precious grandchildren a pre-dinner snack, especially on a special occasion? None that we know of! One of Granny’s hard candy favorites?  A truly old-fashioned confection that is a holiday tradition in many homes — swirling, shimmery ribbon candy! This year, instead of the traditional fruit, cinnamon, and mint flavors, we’ll celebrate with an elevated flavor twist like pink Prosecco, champagne & berries, and peppermint chocolate truffle found in Sevigny’s Premium Ribbon Candy

Candy canes are the best-selling non-chocolate candy in the month of December according to the National Confectioners Association, and when they coat a classic chocolatey creamy mint-filled candy like Junior Mints Peppermint Crunch, it’s easy to scarf down a whole box or perhaps share with siblings and cousins as you all get into the holiday spirit.

Now we know that jelly beans are traditionally a spring holiday candy dish staple, but when they’re decked out in red, white, and green like Jelly Belly’s Christmas Jewel Mix, then they’re dressed for holiday candy dish success. OR better yet, let’s shatter the concept that grandma’s candy dish has to be just that – a dish! When holiday Jelly Belly Jelly beans are packed up in a fun package like Jelly Belly Noel 5 Flavor Box it’s hip to be square.

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