Raise the Roof for Gingerbread Houses

By Heather Mayer
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Giant Gingerbread House at Oakes Farms Seed to Table

When we think of winter holiday baked goods, gingerbread is always on the top of the list; particularly gingerbread houses.  According to Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery, when they bake, 59% of Millennials are baking with loved ones during the holiday season. Baking and building gingerbread houses is a terrific way for a group of friends and family to share some holiday fun.

Gingerbread houses are a MUST for the holiday season, ever wonder why a spiced cookie house decorated with sweets has become a holiday tradition?  We uncover this and more examining the roots of the classic cookie that has us raising the roof.

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Whether crafting a gingerbread house of epic proportions, or something a bit more modest, make it one for the family record books by creating gingerbread decorating kits featuring a range of bulk candies from the classic, to the elegant, to the unique.

We have all the ingredients for legendary gingerbread houses

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