Top 10 Nostalgic Candies to Try

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Nowadays we’re all looking for a little piece of nostalgia. The top way to get that fix — candy.

TikTok is the source for this newfound love of retro candies. Videos with the hashtag #candy reached 48.3 billion views in April 2023 (Mashed). The majority of these videos are of people trying candy from the 80’s, 90’s — even earlier.

Those enjoying the candy aren’t just the older crowd re-trying the candy of their childhood. It’s Gen Z trying the candy for the first time too!

In honor of National Candy Day (November 4) we’ve collected the top 10 nostalgic candies you just have to try.

Astro Pop

It’s easy to see why Astro Pop is still out of this world.

Introduced in 1963, the muti-colored pop was designed to look like a 3-stage rocket. In fact, it the lollipop was actually created by two rocket scientists!

Not only do the exotic flavors of pineapple, passionfruit, and cherry delight. Astro Pop is just a nice piece of history. The 1960’s was the pinnacle of the space race and the pop embodies that feel.

Bubble Tape

We’re not sure why, but there’s something about having total control of your piece of gum.

Introduced in 1988 with a flourish of edgy commercials, Bubble Tape blew up the gum scene.

What really makes Bubble Tape an experience is the dispenser. It allows you to tear off just the right amount of the 6 feet of tape gum for you and your friends.

We all love Original Bubble Tape with its bubblegum flavor. But there’s newer flavors like Sour Blue Raspberry that are worth trying too.


A candy that multitasks?! Now that’s something that we can get behind!

Razzles with its signature slogan, “First It’s Candy, Then It’s Gum” came on the scene in 1966. But for younger generations they might remember its movie cameo in the film a 13 Going on 30.

The candy really lives up to the slogan. It starts out with a crunchy candy shell and a burst of fruit flavor that then changes texture to a chewing gum.

Razzles is still around and producing new flavor spin offs from is original assortment of lemon, orange, grape, raspberry, and strawberry.

There’s Tropical with flavors like kiwi-lime, pineapple, and tropical punch. And Berry Mix full of popular berry flavors.

Pop Rocks

Whether you’re in it for the urban legends or for the tickly way it makes your tongue feel, Pop Rocks are the edgy rock stars of the nostalgic candy scene (Mashed).

Since 1974, this candy has been exhilarating us because it bubbles with flavor as soon as it touches your tongue.

The classic flavors like Strawberry and Grape have been joined by trending flavors like Green Apple. There’s even Pop Rocks Bubble Gum that offers that beloved pop and then turns into chewing gum!

Big League Chew

A candy that brings the feels of America’s famous pastime all with a delightful chew. Big Leage Chew really pulls on our nostalgic heartstrings for candy and baseball.

Whether you had a fast ball or were warming the bench, sharing the shredded bubble gum in a pouch was always a good time.

The pouch is a big part of the experience. So much so that Big League Chew added their first female softball player to their Slammin’ Strawberry flavor in early 2020. They even have baseball-inspired names like Ground Ball Grape. All are a nod to founder left-handed pitcher Rob “Nellie” Nelson.

Fruit Slices

For those that want a deep trip down memory lane, then munch on Fruit Slices.

Introduced in the early 20th century, the soft, gushy, jelly-like creations burst with fruit flavor in every bite. Each slice is essential a work of art, with each layer being poured over a multi-day process.

Though molded to look like a slice of citrus fruit or melon, fruit slices actually come in a wide assortment of flavors. There’s classic cherry, grape, and orange. For those looking for a more modern take, there’s sour apple, blue raspberry and watermelon too.

Reggie! Bar

The Reggie! Bar offers a little taste of sports history in every bite. 

The “bar” (or patty) of peanuts caramel and chocolate was named after renowned New York Yankees player Reggie Jackson. It was discontinued in 1981 but was brought back this year by popular demand!

There’s no denying the nutty, chocolatey taste of the Reggie! Bar is a delight. What really put it on the map was what happened during the bar’s introduction at the Yankees 1978 opening game.

During Reggie Jackson’s first at bat, he hit a home run and fans threw the bars onto the field in celebration. While they are great to throw, we think it’s best to stick to snacking on them. 

Candy Cigarettes

When you want to feel like a lead in a black and while film noir minus the smoke. Candy Cigarettes really hit the spot.

One of the older of the coveted nostalgic candies, Candy Cigarettes first came on the scene in the 1930’s. They were either candy sticks or sticks of bubble gum.

What really makes this experience is the packaging. They’re all made to look like old time cigarette brands, taking you back in time with every glimpse.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy

Fun times like carnivals are almost synonymous with candy. One of our nostalgic carnival favorites — Bonomo Turkish Taffy.

First appearing at Brooklyn’s Coney Island in 1936, Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy is known for its sweet taste, unique texture. AND the way you eat it.

Bonomo Turkish Taffy feels like a hard candy but when you put it in your mouth, it gets soft and chewy. That’s why instead of eating it in one piece, you slap on something so it cracks into smaller pieces.

Available in ice cream-inspired flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana, are sure to give those summertime feelings all year long.

Nick L Nip

One of the oldest and continuously available candies, Nick L Nip has been serving up fun since prohibition.

Each wax mini bottle is filled with sweet fruit flavored candy syrup. Nip the top and drink the bottle like the name says. Or eat the whole thing. Not matter how you experience, Nick L Nip is like a little trip back in time.

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