Must Have Candy & Snacks for the Summer Season

Styling and Photography By Laurie Mosco

It’s confirmed – we ALL have the summer travel bug. Online searches for flights between June and August are up 25% according to Expedia with 70% of us saying we want to travel over the next year (Travel Age West)

With ALL this travel, we’re going to need our most important travel companion – travel snacks!

Whether you’re a traveler trying to make your trip memorable or a seasonal business getting ready for the season, here’s the summertime snacks to make this season unforgettable.

Newstalgia – Twists on the Classics

Summer trips are all about making memories. Make it even more memorable with snacks full of newstalgia.

Newstalgia, or new twist on candy classics is a trend that started last year and is continuing to pick up speed. It’s all about experiencing sweets and snacks we all know in fun, new, unexpected new ways.

Nothing says summertime like sipping on a cool beverage. What’s even more refreshing — snacking on candy inspired by your favorite beverage brands. Like the tangy, sweet taste of lemonade as a cotton candy found in Country Time Lemonade Cotton Candy.

In both traditional lemonade and pink lemonade flavors, Country Time Lemonade Cotton Candy brings all those flavors of your childhood lemonade stand in the form of a road trip snack.

Frozen beverage favorite, ICEE gets a refresh too with the ICEE Gummy Cup full of gummies in fruit flavors inspired by the beverage. Bonus – the accompanying cup will easily fit in your cup holder for snacking on the go.

Expect to see brands never before in the candy section offered in candy form — like picnic and cookout staples from Oscar Mayer — Lunchables, Hot Dogs, and Bacon.

Lunchables are already a lunchbox favorite (when traveling or not), but Lunchables gummies are something worth adding to your travel scrapbook. Each piece of popular Lunchables Cracker Stackers and Pepperoni Pizza are now gummies. They look so real you’re just going to have to snap a pic.

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs and Bacon are regular cookout guests. But now they’re making it to the dessert table. Introducing: Oscar Mayer Gummy Hot Dogs and Gummy Bacon

They’re are a great way to finish off a cookout – especially if you’re serving hot dogs and bacon cheeseburgers. The details on the gummies are so accurate – be careful you don’t try to grill them!

Even road trip candy classics like Mike & Ike and Hot Tamales are getting in on the newstalgia trend with Mike & Ike Cotton Candy and Hot Tamales Cotton Candy. These mash-ups of two summertime favorites feature fluffy candy clouds with fruit flavor (in the case of Mike & IKE) or cinnamon spice flavor (In the Case of Hot Tamales) that will have you on cloud nine.

Portable Snacks with Panache

No matter where you go or how you decide to get there, snacking on the go is happening. So portable packaged snacks are a must when traveling.

Vacations are a time to deviate from the norm. Now’s the time to get adventurous with your snacks too!

For those looking to snack in style, try Milk Bar Crunchies

The renowned NYC Bakery is typically known for their soft, chewy cookies but they’re showing their crunchy side. Each bite-size cookie has crispy rice cereal baked in for an irresistible crunch. The flavors are whimsical, playful twists on classics that the Milk Bar Brand is known for like Cinnamon Toast and Brown Butter Chocolate Chip. Milk Bar Crunchies come in their own resealable bag making snacking on the go easy.

Travel is also a time to indulge. So enjoy two sacks in one like Snickers®, Twix, or M&M’S® Edible Cookie Dough. Bite size pieces of edible cookie dough packed with either Snickers, Twix or M&M’s pieces makes for an over-the-top snack you will write home about. Larger resealable bags are perfect for sharing.  

Ice cream sundaes are another favorite summertime indulgence, but they can make a mess during long car-ride. It’s best to travel with Just the Fun Part Waffle Cones. Just the Fun Part is a play on our favorite part of frozen ice cream cone sundaes we love as kids — the chocolate filled cone at the end! 

Each crispy, crunchy mini waffle cone is filled with premium chocolate and fun mix-ins like coconut flakes, peanut butter — even strawberry flavored white chocolate for an unexpected treat.

Gummies are a travel snack go-to, but this year thanks to Clever Candy’s Everyday Packaged Line it’s extra special. Clever Candy has taken some of their best-selling bulk gummies and packed them up to be enjoyed on the go. 

If you’re traveling someplace costal, then snack on Killer Sharks or Wacky Whales. Traveling in the countryside? Then snack on the just-picked taste of Ripe Apple Rings or Pucker Up Peachy Hearts. There are 12 different gummies to try so there’s a Clever Candy packaged gummy to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Those looking for better-for-you portable snacking options don’t need to be left out of the summer fun and adventure. There’s a lot of different new snacking options that will keep things exciting.

Bringing fruit on the go can be a little challenging when your popping from attraction to attraction. That’s is why we love Soley Fruit Jerky for travel. Each piece of chewy fruit jerky has the texture reminiscent of a fruit snack is made with anywhere from a half to a whole piece of fruit. Flavors like Pineapple and Mango keep the tropical vacation vibes going.

S’mores are a popular vacation treat. While we don’t recommend using Branchout Banana Bites dried banana pieces for a s’mores, they do bring the fluffy texture reminiscent of a marshmallow while offering sweet banana flavor.

For the more savory side of things, Branchout also offers Avocado Chips too. 

Crispy, crunchy avocado slices that are dried not fried, Branchout Avocado Chips offer the satisfying texture of a traditional chip while staying within today’s lifestyle trends. They don’t skimp on flavor either. We love the bold brightness their Chili Lime Flavor brings. They’re perfect for snacking on a long car ride.

Another poppable, portable, plant-based snack bringing the crunch is Love, Corn. Their crispy corn pieces pack a lot of crunch with a flavor reminiscent of corn chips. With a range of flavors from traditional Sea Salt, to vegan Cheezy, to Smoked BBQ, Love Corn is a flavorful and fun snacking alternative to traditional corn or tortilla chips.

Seasonal Shapes to get you in Vacation Mode

Sometimes we want vacation sights everywhere – even in our snacking selection too! Don’t worry Clever Candy, has a lot of bulk candy options to get you, or in the case of retailers, your business, all in vacation mode.

A bag of bulk gummies is great for snacking while on site and even better as a gift for friends and family at home.

Clever Candy Palm Trees with their realistic detail and tropical flavor set the scene for tropical vibes.

You won’t need binoculars to spot Clever Candy Gummy Goldfish and Mermaid Tails. Full of fun details and featuring instantly recognizable shapes, goldfish and mermaid tales bring out the childhood fun and whimsy for everyone. 

Don’t forget the sour candy fans! You can get in on the traveling fun with Clever Candy’s Sour Gummy Octopus. One taste of a fruit flavored tentacle and you’ll be instantly cooked.

Summertime’s here and we’re down to travel. Make your trips even more memorable with the must have summer candy and snacks. 

Our Selection of Sweets & Snacks is Certain to Make You THE Summer Destination This Season!

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