2023’s Top Gummy Trends

Styling and Photography By Laurie Mosco

Watch out chocolate! Gummies are closer to catching up to the top dog in the candy scene more than ever. Non-chocolate sales (which gummies are a part of) totaled $15.4 Billion last year – up 13.4% (National Confectioners Association). Manufacturers are hearing our call and increasing their gummy offerings!

Among this newness, we’re seeing some trends emerge. Below are the ones you just have to try.

Playful Shapes

Since we eat with our eyes first, shapes are a way manufacturers are re-inventing the gummy. Bonus for us — interesting shapes make a great decoration for baked goods or just plain add fun to the eating experience. Who doesn’t get joy from eating an arm off a Sour Patch Kid or the head of a gummy bear?

3D gummies are really taking off this year and the shapes are getting more unique AND detailed. 

If you’re a kid at heart then you can’t go wrong with Clever Candy 3D Dinosaurs and Clever Candy Robots. They’re like holding a replica of your favorite toy in the palm of your hand. They’ll look great tucked into a party favor bag.

Animals are always a favorite which is why we think you’ll go bananas for Clever Candy 3D Monkey & Bananas. Super detailed cola flavored monkeys and a bunch of banana flavored bananas so detailed you might just try to peel them.

3D technology is also helping us see the elegant side of gummies.

Take Clever Candy 3D Red Roses and 3D Gems for example. They really look like our favorite romantic blooms and luxurious gemstones.  You’ll love them as cupcake toppers for a wedding shower or milestone wedding anniversary. Think gummy bouquet or a frosting ring with a gem gummy center.

In the era of social media, we want all sorts of fun shapes to make our parties (and photos) pop. This year there are even more shapes that serve up the fun — particularly for kid’s parties.

For those Harry Potter and super hero fans, Clever Candy Lightening Bolts will really give your parties a jolt. Or you can kick it into high gear with Clever Candy Race Cars for racing or car themed parties. Better yet – challenge guests to a candy car race!

Bring the magic and whimsy to fairy and princess theme parties with Clever Candy Blooms and Butterflies. They make great candy flower crowns or a finishing touch to a cake or gingerbread house.

Expect to see popular foods made over in gummy form. You can’t help but crack up when spying Clever Candy Fried Eggs. They’re fun as an anytime snack but are great for a little anytime gift for a friend or coworker who’s gone the EGG-stra mile.

But one shape that will really make your eyes pop are Clever Candy Eyeballs. Extra eery eyeballs in hues like blue, orange, and green are great for mad scientist or witch themed parties – particularly around Halloween.

When it comes to shapes we’re also seeing a move towards nostalgia too. Expect to see re-releases of candy favorites. Like chewy, crunchy classic Clever Candy Black & Red Berries and soda-licious Gummy Cola Bottles.

Filled Gummies

Texture is another way to change up the same old same old gummy routine.

3D gummies are opening the door for more filled gummies. Filled gummies in fruit shape like Clever Candy Gummy Filled Orange, Grape, and Peach give a just-picked taste when they burst in your mouth.

Animals are getting in on the filled fun too. Like Clever Candy Wacky Whales. Each is filled with a strawberry or raspberry filling.

Single Color

Color blocking continues to go strong in fashion and everywhere (Who What Where). Expect to see an increase in single color gummies.

One single color line we’re loving at the moment is Clever Candy’s Single Color Bestie Bears

The Clever Candy Bestie Bears line runs the spectrum of colors from yellow to orange, to greens, to reds. Even blue and purple. They look great for a monochromatic display. You can also up the drama with a 2 color blocked display.

The flavors of Clever Candy Bestie Bears are just as bold. Whether you like childhood favorites like cherry, blue raspberry, and watermelon or something more adult like lime, mango, or pineapple, there’s a flavor for you. 

The numbers don’t lie – we have gummies on the mind. Even with gummies being our go-to again and again, it’s nice to add a little newness too. Keep things exciting by adding the latest gummy trends to your snacking routine.

Get in on the Latest Gummy Trends

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