Must-Have Candies for a Hoppin’ Good Easter

Styling and Photography By Laurie Mosco

Every-BUNNY knows that Easter is synonymous with candy. But did you know that candy is the TOP way people plan to celebrate? 90% of us plan to purchase and celebrate with candy, to be exact (National Retail Federation).

While candy is at the top of the Easter guest list, there are ways to use candy to make your celebrations EGG-stra special.

We polled our EGG-sperts, and here are their top tips to make your Easter EGG-ceptional.

Make Easter Baskets A Slam Dunk

Chances are most candy you purchase will make its way into Easter baskets. Since these baskets are (mostly) for kids, you’ll score some major points with candies full of childlike fun.

Like a goodie where it’s ok to play with your food like Clever Candy’s Bunny Trail Milk Chocolate Maze. Creamy milk chocolate in the shape of a maze will a-MAZE your guests on their own. That it comes with a candy “ball” so you can challenge one another to see who can get through the maze will make them extra “hoppy.”

Don’t forget to sprinkle in some playful twists on cany classics. Lollipops will pop when instead of a stick, their holder is a bunny face, like Lip Pops Easter. They create a sensational selfie. 

Chocolate peanut butter eggs are a holiday staple. Let’s make things EGG-citing by adding another candy bar favorite in egg form like Twix Eggs. 

It goes without saying that a bunny HAS to make it into the Easter Basket picture. In this instance it’s ok to go with classic chocolate Easter Bunnies like Nancy Adams Belgian Dark Chocolate Bunny. For a touch of sparkle, there’s Clever Candy Foiled Milk Chocolate Bunny Ears in pink and brown foil. 

Or for something a little more fun, rock the tradition with chocolate bars sporting playful bunny graphics like Clever Candy’s 3 Piece Assorted Easter Chocolate Bars Acetate Box. Not only does each bar add a touch of playful whimsy to your basket, they feature some of Clever Candy’s most popular chocolate bars like milk chocolate, milk chocolate with rice crisps, AND milk chocolate with a marshmallow filling!

Make Egg Hunts Extra EGG-Citing

The competition for who will find the most eggs can get fierce! That’s why it’s good to have a prize for the definitive winner on hand like the Clever Candy Egg-Hunt Champ Bag filled with dextrose candy stars.             

All that egg hunt competition can work up an appetite. So it’s good to have some treats to snack while on the go like a bag of Clever Candy Carrot Patch Gummy Carrots or Clever Candy Easter Bunny Jelly Bean Pouch full of jelly beans.

Remember – not EVERYTHING necessarily needs to fit into an egg. We think they’d be so “hoppy” to find a Clever Candy Don’t Worry Be Hoppy Milk Chocolate Bar with Rice Crisps or Clever Candy Did Some Bunny Say Chocolate? Milk Chocolate Bar with Marshmallow Filling.

Make Fun for Everyone with Spring-Themed Items

This tip is for those that celebrate multiple spring holidays AND retailers who want their Easter selection to go farther. Not EVERY Easter candy necessarily has to be Easter-themed. Instead, incorporate items that feature spring.

Springtime is all about renewal and lighthearted fun. Bring that feeling with funny spins on popular springtime sayings. 

You know Clever Candy is always up on their springtime humor game. Their Early Bird Gets The Worm Gummy Worm Peg Bag, takes the saying and brings it to life with chewy gummy worms. Their Spring Break Milk Chocolate Bar with Crispies will send them on a little springtime fun trip too full of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy crispies.

For something EGG-ceptionally funny and seasonal, there’s Clever Candy’s Sweet Egg-Scape Peg Bag with cute little gummy sunny side up eggs. 

You can also go a little more subtle, and incorporate items with iconic spring theme and imagery. Like Madelaine Milk Chocolate Foiled Tulips.

Clever Candy’s Flower Power White Candy Bar with Sprinkles is a more modern take on the flower theme, featuring video-game inspired flowers on the wrapper.

If flowers aren’t their thing, think wholesome, outdoor spring activities like Clever Candy’s Let’s Go Fishing Peg Bag . Imagery of a cute kitty fishing paired with assorted chewy candy fish have them reeling.

You already plan to add candy to your Easter celebrations. But the right candy hops it up to the next level. Make sure to offer candies, including the classics they love while adding a little twist with fun packaging and flavors. 

Time to Fill your Basket with Everything Easter and Spring

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