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Styling and Photography By Laurie Mosco

Princes — palaces — pop tunes — pinkies up. There are SO many reasons why Americans are obsessed with everything UK. While we might not be able to master a British accent and our chances of marrying into the royal family are low, we can FEEL more British by enjoying their sweets and snacks.

Travel across the pond with us as we take you on a tour of some of our favorite British snack time and teatime favorites.

Snack Time

For those snackers in the know, British chocolate is its own experience. Many say it tastes different than the chocolates we have stateside.

The difference seems to be centered around different fat and cocoa content of English chocolate recipes ( Whatever the reason, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

New to the British chocolate scene? Then start with one of the OG chocolate makers, Cadbury. Since 1824, Cadbury has been creating a creamy, dreamy chocolate creations we can’t get enough of. 

While their chocolate eggs are probably their most well-known confection, Cadbury’s chocolate bars are just as delectable and can be found year-round. For an ultimate chocolate experience, there’s the Cadbury Black Forest Cake Royal Dark Chocolate Bar. A double dose of chocolate — rich dark chocolate and cherry fudge, with cookie pieces, is a flavorful and texture-rich experience.

Caramel fans will want to add Cadbury’s Caramello® Bar, with its creamy milk chocolate and buttery caramel filling to their taste list.

Those not new to British chocolate, but looking for a totally British experience need to check out Terry’s. Their globes of orange-flavored chocolate that smash open to reveal “slices” is a Christmas tradition.

No need to wait for Christmas to try this tasty citrus treat though. Terry’s recently released a line of chocolate bars with fun mix ins for a citrus celebration anytime. Our favorite — Terry’s Orange Milk Chocolate with Cookie Pieces Bar, full of creamy orange flavors – with the added crisp crunch of cookie pieces.

We can’t have a British chocolate conversation without mentioning Mars® and their Maltesers. Britain’s answer to the malted milk ball, Maltesers feature a crisp honeycomb center drenched in creamy milk chocolate. First marketed as an energy boost, the playful duo of crispy and creamy textures will surely awaken their senses.

Chocolate isn’t the only way to get in on British snacking. There’s Chips, aka crisps, too!

For those serious about their chips AND touring the UK via their taste buds, try Burts®. All Burts Chips are handcrafted in small batches in Devon and seasoned with locally sourced ingredients.

From loaded potato-inspired Mature Cheddar with Green Onion, to traditional Sea Salt and Vinegar, to classic Sea Salt, Burts potato chips, like many things British, is a fully refined experience.


Nothing is more quintessentially British than teatime. Ditch those tea bags that you traditionally see at a restaurant. We’re talking fancy tea here with all the fixings.

For the traditionalists, looking to sip on some black tea like royalty, Taylors of Harrogate will raise their pinkies and eyebrows.

Known as the only tea company to be issued a Royal Warrant as the official supplier to the Prince of Wales – now the King of England – you know Taylors is some serious tea. We love sipping on Taylors of Harrogate classics like citrusy Earl Grey and deep, bold Afternoon Darjeeling Tea.

Heath & Heather Teas offer a more herbal spin. Founded on the tenants of longstanding British herbal company of the same name, Heath & Heather’s teas are full of simple, organic ingredients. Like bold Green Tea with Ginger and refreshing Peppermint herbal tea.

To truly have a truly authentic English high tea experience, you need sweet and savory fixings.

Nothing is made more for dunking in tea than Scotland’s Walkers Shortbread. Made the same way for over a hundred years with simple ingredients, the rich buttery flavor and crisp crumble is an unforgettable experience.

Teatime isn’t the same without little finger sandwiches. So add an assortment of preserves, spreads and marmalades from Tiptree to sandwich between bread.

Tiptree’s spreads range from British staple, Orange Marmalade, to Raspberry Preserves. All products made by 300-year-old Tiptree farm are created in small batches with the finest ingredients. The end result – a homemade taste great for teatime, the breakfast table and beyond.

Savory fans should sample Marmite Yeast Extract as part of their tea spread. Sporting a distinct salty flavor and vegan, Marmite is traditional spread for toast that meets today’s lifestyle trends. The British have a love/hate debate going with the savory spread. Come join in on the conversation!    

Just because it’s called teatime doesn’t mean other British beverages can’t be added to the teatime menu. Like the botanical blend sodas and lemonade from Fentiman’s

Employing a unique, botanical fermentation process used since the company opened its doors in 1905, all of Fentiman’s beverages have intense flavor. From its bold Ginger Beer to the more light and dainty Victorian Lemonade, made with 1 ½ lemons per bottle and a botanical blend of ginger root for a light spice.

The numbers don’t lie – Americans are in love with English culture. This is reflected in the 29 Million Americans who tuned in for (former) Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding AND the 4.5 Million visitors to England in 2019. By experiencing their unique snacks foods we can get a little glimpse into what it is like to be British.

A British Gourmet Snack Selection Fit for a King or Queen!

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