Fun Candy (Monster) Mash-Ups

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by LAURIE MOSCO

Consumers are returning to their old haunts this Halloween! 69% plan on celebrating this year (National Retail Federation).  Halloween parties are back on the table too, with 28% throwing/attending a party (National Retail Federation). Make their gatherings spook-tactular. Create candy charcuterie boards full of fun candy flavor mash ups using everyday bulk candy.  Come with us as our candy mad scientists unveil their favorite concoctions.

(Pineapple & Orange)

Tangy pineapple and bright orange make a monster of a pairing. Like pieces of Vidal Gummy Pineapple Rings mashed with Orange Starburst®

Forbidden Candy Apple
(Apple & Caramel)

The classic combination, apple and caramel is always tempting.  Recreate the flavors with Clever Candy Gummy Apple Rings and Caramel Apple Squares OR Nassau Candy Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels.

Goblin Grape Punch
(Grape, Pineapple, & Lemon)

Temp their taste buds with the eerie-sistable combination of grape, pineapple and lemon like Grape Sour Punch Straws and Kool-Aid Grape Popping Candy, with pineapples from the Clever Candy 3D Gummy Fruit Mix and Lemon Fruit Sours.

Cherry S-LIME Cola
(Cherry Cola & Lime)

Sweet and tangy cherry limeade with the extra bite of cola will have them oozing with excitement! Simply add a dash of Nassau Candy Lime Fruit Slices to Clever Candy Gummy Cherry Cola Bottles.

I-Scream Splits
(Banana & Chocolate)

They’ll all scream for an ice cream-inspired combination like eFrutti Gummi Bananas and Nassau Candy Dark Chocolate Break Ups.

Chocolate Lico-Witch
(Chocolate & Fruit Licorice)

Creamy chocolate cut with the brightness of fruit flavors is a brew-ti-ful combination.  Add a dash of salt like in Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate Pretzel Poppers and Clever Candy Chewy Color Cuts and you’ll have them under your spell.

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to get together for Halloween celebrations.  Make this one fab-BOO-lous with candy charcuterie boards full of fun candy mash-ups.  Don’t have time to create your own platters?  Not to worry – help customers play candy mad scientists themselves, offering these mash ups as a guide.

Fang-tastic Candy Inspiration Awaits You

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