Create Major Impact with Monochromatic Displays

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

Want to instantly create a chic, modern vibe? Think monochromatic.  Retailers and event planners are taking a cue from the latest fashion trends, using a single hue to set the modern mood and make products pop (! Not only does monochromatic present the opportunity to showcase a large amount of product, it creates a dramatic social media photo op too (Commercial Cutting)!

But not any hue will do. Read on for some of the most popular monochromatic themes and how to incorporate them into your retail space or next event.

Romantic Red

If you’re looking to up the drama, red is the way to go. Red is the most dominant color, symbolizing energy and passion (  Knowing how people feel about red you can see why it’s particularly popular in the winter months, offering warmth, and for events associated with love like Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, or even for the daring . . . weddings. 

While one color is key in a monochromatic display, it’s good to play with different textures too.  Like smooth shells of Cherry Fruit Sours and Red Sixlets against the texture-rich shimmer and shine crystals of Nassau Candy Cherry Fruit Slices, Strawberry Pencil Bites, and Clever Candy Sour Tart Cherry Gummy Bears.  Bridge the two texture worlds with something smooth, but also texture-rich like Strawberry Licorice Twists.  

Blue is Anything But…

Contrary to the popular saying, I’m blue,’ the color blue brings on feelings of positivity and calm ( Great for grand celebrations like birthdays, showers, and weddings, AND for merchandising during stressful times of year like back-to-school and after New Years.

When it comes to food packaging color theory, blue is also associated with fun, so get playful with an assortment of whimsical gummy shapes (  Like fin-tastically sour Clever Candy Sour Sharks, poppin’ Clever Candy Sour Blue Raz Bottles, and fluffy Clever Candy Blue Raz Puffy Puffs.  Two-tone Clever Candy Gummy Blue Raspberry Rings are sure to take center ring, while loops of Clever Candy Sour Rolled Belts add dimension.

Blue is calming ,and nothing is more comforting than nostalgic candies. Incorporate classic blue candies like shimmering Dryden & Palmer Blue Raspberry Rock Candy Strings, charming Clever Candy Sour Blastin’ Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears, juicy Nassau Candy Blue Raz Fruit Slices and chewy Sweets Candy Company Cotton Candy Taffy and it will be nothing but blue skies. 

Positively Pink

Symbolizing love and playfulness, pink really gets the party started ( The positivity radiating from the color is probably why pink is a popular theme, particularly for spring holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day.  It’s also a popular candy color, so you probably have everything you need to create a pink monochromatic display on hand!

Don’t think because you’re creating a monochromatic display, you NEED to stick to ONE hue.  Different shades can create excitement and drama.  Like pairing pale pink Clever Candy Sour Wacky Watermelon Gummy Bears and Nassau Candy Donut Hole Bites with darker Clever Candy Strawberry Pink Puffy Puffs and Bright Pink Shimmer Sixlets.  And for intense drama, sprinkle in some extra dark pink Pink Cherry Flavored Gumballs too.

Don’t limit yourself to confections colored the hue of your event or display. Using packaging to bring in color opens up the variety of confections that can be incorporated.  The shimmer and shine of foiled candies like Foiled Pink Milk Chocolate Marbles looks pretty in pink, while they’ll be tickled pink to open the foil and uncover rich, milk chocolate.

Wow them with White

White exudes elegance and grace, which is why it’s the color of choice for weddings (Bizongo). Though candies can be colorful, creating an all-white display in your business can help you cut through the color noise, particularly if you’re on a busy main street. 

Though all-white might seem simple, it really allows each confection’s complex texture to shine through. That’s why the cloudlike texture of Nassau Candy White Chocolatey Coated Coconut Haystacks will have them soaring on cloud 9.

When there’s a lack of color, the difference in size and scale is important to create visual interest. So an assortment of tiny Nassau Candy Yogurt Raisins, medium-sized Nassau Candy Yogurt Peanuts, large Nassau Candy Yogurt Almonds , and extra large Nassau Candy Jumbo Yogurt Malt Balls will have them riveted.

All-white also brings shapes to center stage. Like the elegant curves of Nassau Candy’s 3 Ring White Chocolatey Coated Pretzels , and the exquisite detail of Kopper’s Polar Bear White Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears.  For an added touch of nostalgia, opt to add round Taffy Town Vanilla Salt Water Taffy and add more visual appeal with crescent shaped Nassau Candy Coconut Fruit Slices.    

One color – infinite merchandising possibilities. Monochromatic displays offer a sleek look that’s high drama and social media worthy. Great for drawing more traffic during slower times of year and standing out during those busy times. Also a perfect method to unify unrelated products.  Getting started is simple – pick a color and let it be your guide.

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