Give Your Selection a Boost with Coffee & Caffeinated Snacks

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

Bye bye summertime slowdown — it’s back to the daily grind!  Back to school and the office means consumers are on the hunt for a boost from their good old friends, coffee and caffeine. But they’re looking beyond the cup, seeking snacks that offer functional ingredients including caffeine (Food Dive). Innova Market Insights (IMI) even reported a 50% increase in caffeine snack bars between 2014 and 2018 (Baking Business). Those numbers continue to percolate. Give your selection a power jolt with sweets and snacks running on caffeine and coffee flavor. 

Read on – we have a latte ideas of how to incorporate coffee flavored and caffeine powered products into your selection.

Coffee and Caffeine Confections

A major reason for partaking in caffeinated products is taste, according to 55% of consumers  (FoodInsight).  And 23% are looking for caffeine in chocolate, candy, and gum —particularly in the 45 and under crowd (FoodInsight). Caffeinated chocolate and coffee confections are a great way to get your functional selection off the ground.

If it’s taste with a caffeine boost they’re seeking, they’ll perk up for chocolate with the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee like Awake Caffeinated Chocolate.  No bitter flavors here. Awake offers the sweet flavors that “mocha” them crazy like rich Dark Chocolate, buttery Chocolate Caramel, and classic Milk Chocolate. Beyond the great taste, customers will also find Awake’s Spokesowl, Nevil, featured on every package a real hoot.

For those who desire a snack brimming with coffee flavor, then chocolate with coffee is the perfect blend.  Like the classic done to perfection — Nassau Candy Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans. Espresso beans panned in rich dark chocolate, Nassau Candy Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans offer a creamy crunch with a little bite that’ll have them asking “where have you bean all my life?”

If they’re one to slow down and savor their coffee and chocolate, then recommend artisan, Fair Trade Chocolove Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate. Made with the finest Belgian Dark Chocolate sprinkled with coffee beans, Chocolove Coffee Crunch delivers artisan flavor with each bar having the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.

For flavors that are inspired by fancy baristas, then Koppers New York Espresso Bean Mix is what they’ve “bean” searching for. In this mix you will find espresso beans with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, cappuccino, coffee and cream, and espresso chocolate coatings to satisfy practically any coffee craving.

Don’t forget our decaffeinated friends, too. Offer coffee flavored confections that are espresso-ly for them!  For your bulk selection we like Gustaf’s Gummi Coffee Beans.  A coffee bean shape means you don’t need a caffeine boost to know these are coffee flavored. The creamy coffee flavor will perk them up. 

Coffee and Caffeine Snacks

One of the biggest driver of snacks sales is convenience. In fact, 51% of US consumers are looking for snacks that can be enjoyed on the go – whether that’s outside the house, or on the go at home (National Confectioners Association).  Of course poppable caffeinated and coffee flavored bites are a brew-tiful addition to your selection.

While consumers’ lives might be getting busier and more complex, they want their snacks simple.  That means simple ingredients all with a caffeine boost like Pure Food From Este Coffee Bites.  Made with 100% Arabica coffee and a blend of wholesome oats and quinoa, Pure Food Coffee Bites offer the sustained energy and better-for-you ingredients all in a bite-sized, chewy granola snack.  Coffee-inspired flavors like French Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Mocha are sure to have them breaking up with their barista. 

Those keeping up a Keto diet want to enjoy a caffeine boost, too. Cause a stir with Sweetwell Coffee Meringue Keto Cookies.  Made with coveted Costa Rican coffee and sweetened with stevia, the lighter than air, bite-sized coffee flavor cookies feature 0g sugar, 0g fat, 1g protein, and 5g fiber per serving. Ears will perk up when they hear that each pouch of Sweetwell keto cookies contains 35mg of caffeine, almost the same as in one cup of coffee.

Gummies are always a favorite portable snack.  Pack them with caffeine like Mocca Shots and they’ll be gone in a shot. Featuring a signature blend of vitamins, herbs, and as much caffeine as two cups of coffee, all with a gluten free, vegan, Non-GMO recipe,  Mocca Shots are the energy snack they’ve “bean” waiting for. In a full variety of flavors like Salted Caramel Chocolate, Dutch Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Orange, and Dark Chocolate Strawberry, there’s a Mocca Shot that will hit the spot!

Coffee conjures up images of quaint European cafes.  Serve up those European flavors with caffeine free Dutch Hopjes Coffee Candy.  One of the oldest Dutch candy brands, Hopjes hard candies offer all that rich deep caramel coffee flavor without the risk of spilling on your shirt or the added caffeine. Perfect for our decaffeinated friends to enjoy on the go.

Consumers are looking for their food products to bring the flavor and functional ingredients — including caffeine.  Give them the boost they need brimming with flavor with caffeine powered and coffee flavored sweets and snacks.

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