Halloween 2022: Trending Tricks for Your Treats

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

This Halloween could be the scariest ever. Some major candy manufacturers report they won’t be able to meet customer demand for Halloween Candy (CNN)!  With Halloween confectionery sales reaching $28.2 Billion last year and expected to climb this year, empty shelves are NOT an option (Candy & Snack Today). Don’t worry. We have some fang-tastic ideas to make your Halloween selection skele-fun with a mix of seasonal and everyday candy.

Classics with New Tricks

Halloween is closely tied to nostalgia, with consumers drawn to the candies that they remember from childhood.  That’s why newstalgic candies – aka classic candies with new tricks are something that will get spirited away pretty quickly whether they’re seasonal or not. 

Chocolate topped the charts last Halloween, with sales increasing 50%, (Candy & Snack Today). So classic confections with a chocolate twist will be a Hallow-winner. Milky Way is a Halloween staple, but add in dark fudge nougat like in Milky Way Fudge it’s eerie-sistable!  Candy corn is another member of Halloween candy royalty.  Drench them in chocolate, like Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate Candy Corn and they’re spook-takular.

While chocolate might be the big winner, chewy candy sales reached $4.5 billion (Candy & Snack Today). That’s no small potatoes (or in this case pumpkins).  Mystery flavors are the kind of tricks customers love this time of year, so a beloved candy with a seasonal mystery flavor twist like Skittles Shriekers will be a real scream. The classic chewy, fruity candies everyone knows mixed with sour flavored candies.  Every Skittle candy piece looks the same so they’ll have to take a bite to see whether they got a trick or a treat (We think each Skittle whether sweet or sour, is a treat!).

Another way to bring a feeling of mystery is through unexpected flavors.  Candy buttons are a nostalgic candy favorite.  Dress them up in a sour flavor like Candy Button Sours and this candy classic has new tricks that are great for Halloween and year-round.

Another unexpected “treat” that’s sure to provoke a howling good time; a classic candy making a comeback.  Like Mini Mini Chicles Fruit Gum.  Packed in small pouches ready to be tucked into treat bags, customers will be excited to receive the super tiny crunchy gum pieces full of fruity flavors.

New Ways to Experience Treats

While seasonal packaging might be a little harder to come by this Halloween, create those unique limited time feelings with completely new ways to experience everyday confections.  Added bonus – these items won’t have a seasonal shelf life, meaning you don’t have to liquidate the day after Halloween.

Blow their minds by offering sour candy favorite, Warheads, in soda form.  It doesn’t take a degree in fizz-ics to see that customer’s can’t wait to get their hands on the iconic sour flavors they love like green apple and watermelon, in a refreshing fizzy beverages. Perfect for a Halloween party.

Speaking of beverages, some beverage brands are throwing their hats into the candy ring, creating a fab-BOO-lous surprise for customers this Halloween. Everyone loves popping candy, but it’s extra cool when it’s Kool-Aid popping candy.  Inspired by the classic fruity beverage, Kool-Aid Popping Candy comes in nostalgic beverage-inspired flavors like Tropical Punch, Grape, and Cherry for a refresh everyone will be surprised to see.

When looking for new confectionery experiences, don’t forget the chewy candy category.  Halloween is all about dressing up, so what better way to get in on the celebration than gummies decked out in stripes like Fruit Stripe Gum’s Yipes the Zebra for Fruit Stripe Gummy Candy?  All the fruity flavors found in the beloved Fruit Stripe gum in gum-believable zebra-shaped gummies.

Another trick to create surprise and excitement this Halloween is with playful packaging.  We recommend Fast Burger Lollipop with Candy Powder .  Don’t be tricked by the burger packaging —the buildable toy burger has a lollipop in the top bun that can be dipped in blue raspberry or strawberry Dip-N-Lik candy powder for a custom snack experience.

Don’t let seasonal shortages put a damper on this year’s Halloween. By injecting your seasonal section with newstalgia and new experiences, you’ll ensure your customers will be treated to the full Halloween candy experience.

We’ve got the treats that are sure to do the trick this Halloween

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