Consumers Crave Local: USA Made Brands

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There’s no denying that consumers love local.  Even the National Confectioners Association reports products touting USA Made are seeing 9% growth.  But it’s not just local or national pride that’s impacting their buying decisions — consumers appreciate the benefits that supporting local brings, like creating jobs and a smaller carbon footprint.  Don’t forget a unique experience too! Hitting the sweet spot with unique USA made brands can be challenging as many brands don’t tout their USA made status directly on the package.  Fear not: we’ve done the detective work for you, and uncovered longtime USA-Made brands your customers will love to discover and be proud to support.

Nassau Candy

Yes, many Nassau Candy creations are USA-Made*!  Since 1987 our 200,000 square foot factory in Hicksville, New York has been creating premium confections that have become household favorites. If chocolate creations are what they’re seeking, then our buttery sea salt caramels and our rich chocolate nonpareils with the signature elegant curve are sure to hit the sweet spot. For those who like sweet and salty, our gourmet chocolate covered pretzels, and pretzel rods are beautiful, and remarkably delectable.   We also create chocolate covered confections – from fruits, to nuts, and just about any other type of sweet you can dream up.

While everyone loves our chocolate products, what makes Nassau Candy truly unique is that we’re one of the only manufacturers in the country to make candy fruit slices and Jordan almonds. The process for both is time-intensive and highly specialized.


If they’re a sucker for any kind of hard candy, chances are they’re craving a Spangler product and might not even know it!  Founded in 1906, Bryan, Ohio-based Spangler has been behind long-lasting candy confectionery favorites like Bit-O-Honey, Dum Dums Lollipops, and Spangler Candy Canes .  Major candy brands are lending their name (and their confectionery magic) to help Spangler offer a new twist on a classic like Starburst Pops — fruit flavored lollipops filled with chewy Starburst candy.

Spangler is also the savior of other longtime USA brand, Necco.  Necco’s beloved crunchy Wafers and Sweethearts went away for a while, but they are back and your customers will be excited to see them on your shelves.


For those stuck on gooey, sweet chewy confections, we recommend Goetze’s. Founded in 1895 initially as the Baltimore Chewing Gum Company, Goetze’s has been creating gooey, chewy treats in the USA for more than 120 years. They dropped the gum production ages ago,  but what’s had real sticking power . . . rich chewy caramel creations and other super soft and chewy candies — Caramel Creams and Cow Tales.

Goteze’s Caramel Creams are the company’s flagship caramel confection. Caramel Creams are a chewy, buttery caramel candy filled with a vanilla cream swirl. Individually wrapped for a little piece of gooey indulgence any time any place. For those who crave a little chocolate with their cream, Goetze’s also offers an Oreo Caramel Cream too!

In 1984, Goetze’s decided to show its playful side by introducing Cow Tales – slim stick versions of their caramel creams. Named Cow Tales to show the company’s tradition of caramels made with real milk, customers were utter-ly enchanted. Nothing goes better with milk than cookies, which is why Cow Tales combined chewy caramel with the classic flavor of Oreo in their Cow Tales Oreo.

American Licorice Company

It’s not surprising that American Licorice Company has been creating beloved licorice creations for a long time, (licorice IS in the name after all), but what IS surprising is that it’s been a family owned business since 1914 AND the brands it carries are well known in the licorice space.

Though American Licorice Company originally started out manufacturing black licorice, what keeps it in the black today is red licorice – specifically Red Vines.  Originally called Raspberry Vines (later changed to Red Vines), Red Vines were introduced in the 1950s and customers have delighted in their fruity flavor with a twist ever since.

But American Licorice Company’s flavor experimentation didn’t end with fruit flavors.  In the 1990s when the sour candy revolution began, American Licorice Company added Sour Punch Straws, thin candy straws full of super sour flavor. Since Sour Punch Straw’s introduction, customers’ love of the candy straws hasn’t soured. Now American Licorice Company offers even more ways to enjoy Sour Punch with Sour Punch Bites, bite-sized versions of the beloved straws.


We all know candy cups are a bestseller. But candy cup fans will be surprised to find out they can thank USA candy manufacturer Boyer for the idea.  Boyer’s Mallow Cup, a milk chocolate cup filled with fluffy marshmallow, was the first candy cup on the market and customers are still melting for it’s gooey goodness.  Mallow Cup’s popularity inspired additional cup creations like the Smoothie Cup – peanut butter with a butterscotch coating, as well as imitations from other brands.

Along with being the genius behind candy cups, Boyer has saved other beloved USA-made brands like Clark Bar, transforming the classic candy bar into a cup form.  Each peanut butter cup is filled with pieces of the Clark Bar’s classic crisp peanut butter and caramel for a creamy, crunchy, nutty bite.

The love for USA made is enjoying a boom. While consumers want USA made, they still want snacks off the beaten path.  By helping them uncover lesser known longtime USA Made brands you’ll be made in the USA shade.

Made in the USA that’s made for your selection

*USA Made with domestic and imported ingredients.

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