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Watch out chocolate — gummies are making a comeback!  Chewy Candy sales saw an increase of 14.6% (higher than chocolate) to $4.6 billion in 2021, according to the National Confectioners Association’s (NCA) State of Treating.  Even with consumers returning to the chewy candies they love, 43% want to try something new (NCA).  Keep the love coming by offering a sampling of these gummy trends.   

Twists on a Classic

“Something new” doesn’t necessarily have to be 100% new.  New can mean a gummy that everyone’s familiar with, elevated like Clever Candy’s Sour Buddies or Assorted Fish. Clever Candy Sour Buddies are sour gummies 2.0 — offering a delightful chew, brilliant colors, intense fruity flavors, and gleaming with a coating of pucker-inducing sour sugar. They’re sure to make fast friends with your sour candy fans.  Chewy fish are always quite a catch, but Clever Candy’s Assorted Fish are a fish story customers will be relaying for years to come.  Exquisite detail, vibrant colors, a great bite, and fruity flavors, Clever Candy Assorted Fish  are the catch of any day.

“New” can also mean catering to the latest in dietary and lifestyle trends.  Like Keto. One of the Keto gummies that we’re loving at the moment — Kiss My Keto Gummies.  From the outside Kiss My Keto Gummies look like a traditional, chewy gummy bear.  Since they’re made with MCT oil, using real fruit and vegetable juice, and stevia, Kiss My Keto Gummies contain only 3 grams net carbs and 31g of fiber, making them un-BEAR-able to resist.

Another dietary trend that’s really growing is plant-based. An up-an-coming star in the plant-based gummy space — Katjes.  We especially love Katjes Rainbow Gummies.  They offer everything customers want in a gummy — brilliant multi-colors, whimsical shapes like unicorns and rainbows, and bold fruit flavor.  Their signature formula is made without animal gelatin, and the gummies are colored with vegetable dyes, allowing everyone on the dietary spectrum to enjoy the snacking fun.

Popular Brands in Gummy Form

Gummies have become so popular, established food brands are throwing their hats in the gummy ring too.  If you’re looking to incorporate this trend, packaging is just as important as the product itself.  Recognizable branding helps to prepare consumers for their gummy adventure. 

Froot Loops cereal is known for its signature fruit flavors. So shimmering gummy rings featuring the iconic flavors found in Froot Loops Gummies are certain to lead to serial sales.  Another brand known for its juicy, true-to-life fruit flavors — Welch’s. Their Berries and Cherries Fruit Snacks made with real fruit, and offering Vitamin C, A, and E in every serving, presents consumers a better-for-you indulgence, they’ll CHEW-se again and again.

Starburst already has the non-chocolate market covered when it comes to chewy and fruity.  But their Airs Gummies bring a whole new candy snacking experience.  The gummies are aerated offering a soft, pillowy texture that customers have dreamed of.  Available in Original and Sour Tropical flavors, there’s a flavor to appeal to just about any gummy preference. 

Whimsical Shapes  

Along with innovative flavors and textures, unique shapes are another big trend that we’re seeing in gummies. The biggest area experiencing innovation — 3D gummies.  Customers are enthralled with the 360 degree detail manufacturers are able to achieve.

A shape they’re certain to go bananas for are 3D monkeys and bananas like in Clever Candy’s 3D Monkey & Bananas bulk mix.  Consumers’ love of dinosaurs will never go extinct, making dinosaur shaped gummies like Clever Candy 3D Dinosaurs, a dino-mite addition.

3D gummies aren’t only playful; they can be elegant too!  A bouquet of roses is a classic, graceful gift, but Clever Candy 3D Red Rose Gummies are something they’ll love a bunch, too. The detail on every rose bud looks super real – without a vase or the watering.  Another rich shape we’re loving -those found in Clever Candy 3D Gummy Gems mix.  The detail in each gem is really a cut above the rest and will be the crowning jewel of your bulk displays.

Filled gummies is an up-and-coming area of the gummy realm.  Clever Candy is innovating in this area with plans to introduce several fruit-shaped filled gummies.  Grapes, orange, and peach gummies, filled with their respective flavors will (fruit) punch them with flavor.

The love of gummies has some real sticking power. Sprinkle some of the latest trends into your section, so when they’re looking for gummies, they’ll always chew-se you. 

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