Be THE Tourist Destination This Summer Season

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Temps just started to rise, but all predictions show that this summer’s travel season will be blazing hot.  AAA (American Automotive Association) is reporting Memorial Day bookings for flights, rental cars, cruises, and hotels  are up 122%. And Memorial day is only the START to the summer season. World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) predicts that summer travel will exceed pre-pandemic levels and inject around $2 trillion into the economy (Fortune). Make sure you’re on their itinerary by offering the snacks and flavors they’ll want to see in your selection.

Follow us as we tour the must-haves to make your business THE destination this summer season.

Sample the Local (Seasonal) Flavors

Tourists want every aspect of their trip to be screaming ‘I’m on vacation’;  even the flavors of their confections.  So summer and tropical flavors and shapes are a must.  Make customers feel extra welcome with bags of vibrant yellow and green Clever Candy 3D Gummy Pineapples (pineapples are a symbol of hospitality). They make a fantastic welcome gift for resorts, or businesses that offer tourist activities. Another confection sure to have them in the palm of your hands is Clever Candy Gummy Palm Trees.  A fully detailed two-toned palm tree featuring tropical fruit flavor brings “palm” vacation vibes to your bulk displays.

Don’t forget classic summertime flavors, too. Like the blend of citrus and cream found in Nassau Candy’s Creamsicle Coconut Slice, inspired by the summertime ice cream truck favorite with the taste of orange and vanilla cream. It’s always a-peeling! A summertime spin on a sour candy favorite like Trolli Watermelon Sour Brite Crawlers will have them out of their “rinds.” The wiggly gummy worms they love in a tangy watermelon flavor are all packed up in a vibrant colored peg bag that makes them the perfect travel snacking companion.

Detour Down Nostalgia Lane

There’s something about the summer that makes consumers more open to old-time candies and flavors.  Maybe it’s because they have a little more time for a trip down memory lane.  Maybe their fondest memories are of carefree summers. No matter the reason, customers will be lining up for a stellar nostalgia selection.

Hit it out of the park with a nostalgic candy favorite featuring imagery of America’s favorite past time — Big League Chew Gum. When the beloved gum comes in a baseball bat like the Big League Chew Baseball Bat with Gumballs, it will be a home run.

Another nostalgic must is the chewy candy synonymous with summer travel – salt water taffy.  Originating from one of the first US resort towns, Atlantic City (Britannica), customers’ faces simply light up when they see the iconic colorful candies all tucked into translucent wrappers. That’s why an assortment of classic taffy flavors from longtime taffy brand like Taffy Town will be a welcome sight. Taffy Town has been creating its signature fluffy taffy with a soft chew since 1916, but that doesn’t mean their taffy is always old fashioned. Taffy Town takes customers on a ride with plenty of modern flavor spins.  Like summer-inspired Key Lime, and Watermelon, as well as summertime desserts inspired Banana Cream Pie.

Summer is a big time for visiting farm stands, too. Nothing evokes those just-picked, juicy flavors quite like Nassau Candy Fruit Slices.  Their vibrant colors and shimmering sanding sugar scream summer when presented in a specialty confection display or topping baked goods.  Make sure to have on hand summer flavor favorites like Coconut, Lemon, Watermelon and Key Lime.

With those temps rising they’re going to want some liquid refreshment. Time to give your beverage selection a refresh with nostalgic craft sodas made with pure cane sugar; a welcome sight when they are regionally specific like North Carolina’s longtime effervescent cherry soda Cheerwine

Or they can be a national favorite like Jones Soda. You may not immediately think of Jones as nostalgic soda, but it sure brings the nostalgic flavors consumers love. Like the extra sour punch of Jones Warheads Black Cherry Soda, inspired by the classic sour hard candy, and Jones Cherry ICEE, featuring the tangy cherry flavors of the iconic iced beverage.  With Jones you know these fun flavors are paired with equally fun packaging that will have customers all full of smiles and fun memories.

Speaking of beverages, don’t forget the milkshakes!  Ok well that might be too hard to stock on your shelves, but the creamy nostalgic flavors of Big Cherry Milkshake will bring the boys and girls to the yard.  Big Cherry Milkshake offers the flavor of a loaded milk shake in every bite, featuring a whole, real cherry, surrounded in cherry cream with “milkshake” flavor, drenched in delectable milk chocolate with peanuts.

Packaged for Adventure

Even with plane travel increasing, chances are car rides are going to be a part of their travel plans. Any vacation car ride is not complete without packaged road trip snacks.  This IS vacation time, so offer packed snacks full of international flavor. Have them embark on a departure from the chip norm with Prime Planet Tostones.  Thin, crispy fried plantain chips, a favorite of the Caribbean and South America, in bold flavors like Lime, and Sweet Chili  will have them forming a new snacking friend-chip before their traveling is through.   

If their destination is the plant-based snacks section, help them soak up the SUN-dried tomatoes found in Bella Sun Luci Tomato Jerky.  Made with premium sundried tomatoes in bold jerky inspired flavors like Teriyaki & Cracked Pepper and Sriracha, Bella Sun Luci offers a whole new Mediterranean way to enjoy a classic road trip snack.   

Vacations are also a time to indulge. Give them those private jet feelings with almonds, cashews and mixed nuts sprinkled with black truffle infused salt from Urbani.  The sleek black resealable pouch looks premium, while allowing customers to have a little taste of luxury all trip long. Indulgence is also the rich butter used in classic crunchy French butter cookies like Pierre. Add some tropical flavors like Coconut and everyone will want to be first in line to try.

RVing continues its surge in popularity for 2022 (RV Industry Association). Along with snacks, they’re going to want some readymade comfort food for those long hauls.  Serve up the flavor of wholesome restaurant-grade Italian Wedding Soup from Rao’s. Rao’s Italian Wedding Soup, with its beef and pork meatballs, acini di pepe pasta and spinach in a base of chicken broth warms into a hearty meal in minutes, so they can quickly get back to their activities.

Sometimes customers just need a little bit of packaged comfort to get them through a long day of sightseeing.  Like the best part of an ice cream sundae found in Just the Fun Part Milk Chocolate Mini Waffle Cones. These crisp mini waffle cones filled with premium Belgian milk chocolate are great on their own, as well as an RV pantry staple for topping sundaes.

Destination for Fun

Along with seeing the sights and getting in some R&R, vacations are a time to have a little fun.  So don’t take your snack selection too serious. 

Traveling 101 states that you should always have sensible shoes on hand.  Well, when it comes to making your confection selection a destination for fun, always have  Clever Candy Gummy Kicks  on hand!  Vibrant gummies shaped like high top sneakers in a rainbow of fruity flavors are a confection they are sure to get a “kick” out of.

Sea-themed gummies are always fin-tatic fun option — especially if your business is near a seaside destination.  But they’re a true confection selection “pet” when they’re Clever Candy Gummy Goldfish. Bold and chubby with fun fish details like fins and a cute smile, the orange-flavored fish gummies will be a ray of sunshine in your bulk displays.

Dinosaurs bring out the childhood glee in everyone. While we can’t bring them back in time to meet them in person,  Clever Candy 3D Dinosaurs will give them that walking with dinosaur feelings.  Each 3D gummy features exquisite detail and dino-mite fruity flavors, sure to be a hot attraction of your bulk bins.

Another traveling rule is the buddy system. When that rule comes to confections, it means always making sure you have Clever Candy Sour Buddies on hand. A new spin on the classic sour gummy, Clever Candy Sour Buddies offer a delightful chew, brilliant colors, intense fruity flavors, and are gleaming with a coating of pucker-inducing sour sugar. The perfect snacking travel buddy!

There’s no better way to beat the summer heat than a cool sweet creation.  Raindrop’s Ice Cream Candy Pop takes this summertime favorite one step further.  Each Raindrops Ice Cream Candy comes with an ice cream flavored candy center and outer mold. Customers simply add water, and freeze for a frosty candy creation.

Summertime brings a lot of fun and sales opportunities. Make your business the main attraction with a selection of the snacks and confections full of the flavors they love and new flavors they’ll love to uncover.

We’re the destination for the most sought-after summertime snacks

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