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Move over indulgences. A big trend for 2022 — low sugar.  45% of Americans named reducing their sugar intake as a top goal for 2022 (Food Business News). Even with the want for less sugar, consumers don’t want to give up the rich, decadent flavors they love.  70% even went as far to say taste trumps the amount of sugar per serving (Candy Industry). Help sweeten the deal and see sales skyrocket. Offer low sugar sweets and snacks bursting with phenomenal flavor.

Here are some of our favorite low sugar brands sure to satisfy their extravagant cravings. 

Choco-LOT of Flavor with Less Sugar

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Low sugar chocolate is one of the largest growing categories

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) reports that low sugar chocolate is one of the biggest growing categories, with 32% of consumers looking for no, or low sugar chocolate options. It’s not surprising since chocolate is one of 2022’s top-selling confectionery categories (NCA). Along with low sugar, customers are seeking natural and nothing artificial claims, too (Food Business News). Make them melt with chocolates using naturally derived no-calorie sweeteners.

Peanut butter cups are always a customer favorite.  But when they’re sweetened with monk fruit like ChocZero Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, they’re even “butter.” Each cup comes individually wrapped, letting customers dictate how many they’ll enjoy, further helping to control their sugar intake.

Low sugar is a big factor in the popular Keto diet, too. So, no sugar chocolate options with Keto in the name like Kiss My Keto Original Dark Chocolate Bar will catch their attention. Better-for-you with some crunch , customers will love to munch Kiss My Keto Pumpkin Seed Sea Salt Chocolate Bars too. Both bars are full of rich dark chocolate flavor, energizing MCT oil, and feature 0 grams of sugar. These facts are all presented right on the label, helping customers zero in on Kiss My Keto as a no sugar option.

Even with the want for less sugar, consumers are not willing to compromise. They want chocolate made with premium ingredients full of adventurous flavors (remember, flavor is paramount). We love gourmet chocolate brand, Chocolove, and its line of No Sugar Added bars called Chocolove XO.  If it’s no sugar added classics they’re seeking, we recommend Milk Chocolate Salted Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel in Dark Chocolate, and Mint in Dark Chocolate. For the adventurous, there’s superfruit-rich Chocolove XO Elderberries & Blueberries Dark Chocolate Bar. All Chocolove XO bars are sweetened with inulin from chicory root and isomalt from beets, which also adds fiber.

A Batch Made in Heaven

sugar free cookies, no sugar added cookies, low sugar cookies, SweetWell cookies, keto cookies, gluten free cookies, stroopwafels, Lesser Evil Mini Cookies
Low sugar and no sugar added cookies are like a batch made in heaven

1 in 5 Americans admit to eating 3 cookies per day (Tops Agency).  Be one smart cookie — appeal to their inner adult with low sugar, no sugar, and sugar free versions of their childhood favorites. If they prefer gluten-free too, try Lesser Evil’s Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies and Fudge Brownie Mini Cookies, made with 5 grams or less of organic coconut sugar. They’re crumb-believable. 

Meringues are already recognized as a fat free snack, but make them with natural, zero-calorie sweetener Stevia like those from Sweetwell and they’re just a little sweeter.  Light, crispy, pillowy cookies come in delightful flavors like sweet Strawberry and bold Coffee are sure to have customers floating on cloud 9.

For those customers with a case of wanderlust, offer them low sugar or no sugar cookies with international flare. We suggest the traditional Dutch waffle cookie, the stroopwafel, with a cinnamon snickerdoodle spin and only 3 grams of sugar like Rip Van Snickerdoodle. Or stock Gullon, steeped in European tradition, known for exceptional cookies made with premium ingredients.  We like the no sugar added versions of their Twin Cocoa Sandwich Cookies and sugar free Chocolate Chip Cookies, full of homemade old world flavor.

Sugar Free Gum They’ll Chews

Sugar Free gum in flavors inspired by candy and nostalgic favorites are gum-believable!

Chewing gum has been around in various forms for centuries. These days most gum chewers prefer sugar free gum when they want something sweet. Make it GUM-believable with sugar free gum featuring flavors inspired by their candy favorites.  We think they will really go for the tangy, sweet taste of Airheads taffy found in Airheads Raspberry Lemonade, Watermelon, and Blue Raspberry Sugar Free gum. Jelly Belly is the master of flavor, so a sugar free gum with the company’s flavorings like Jelly Belly Sugar Free Berry Blue gum will be snatched up in a second.  Along with big flavor, both Airheads gum and Jelly Belly gum sport their iconic candy branding so they are easy to spot.

Another way to tempt their sugar free sweet tooth is with nostalgic flavors. Transport them to the summers of their childhood with Project 7 Rainbow Ice Gum, featuring the iconic flavors of the summertime dessert classic – the snow cone! We don’t know their secret, but we’re all in!

Sugar Free Savory They’re Sweet On

Be sure to have sugar free savory snacks too!

Sugar free options need not be saved solely for sweets! Consumers want sugar-free savory snacks, too!   A low fat, low sugar option of the salty snack favorite, potato chips, like Smart Fries is a smart place to start. Thin, crispy, air-popped potato sticks serve up iconic chip flavors like Classic Sea Salt, Honey BBQ, and Vintage Cheddar at only 1.5 grams of fat and 0 grams of sugar per serving.

Some consumers are eager for a dose of protein to power them through the afternoon slump.  A protein-packed snack favorite — jerky. Make your jerky selection a cut above the rest with zero sugar versions like Krave’s Zero Sugar Southwest Hatch Chili Beef Jerky  and Chef’s Cut Zero Sugar Black Pepper Beef Jerky.

When it comes to better-for-you snacking for your impulse section, sometimes it’s best to be straightforward like Poshi Cauliflower Salt & Pepper Snack.  Fresh cut cauliflower florets  steamed and marinated in distilled cane vinegar with a sprinkling of salt and pepper creates a flavorful bite with no added sugars. A great way to bring veggies on the go.

Low on sugar but full of flavor.  Consumers are looking for more from their low sugar sweets and snacks.  Ensure you never run low . . .

We have the low sugar snacks
they’re sweet on

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