Celebrate with Flying Colors — 2022’s Color Trends

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Gathering restrictions continue to loosen — time to celebrate!  At the heart of any good celebration is candy.  Celebrations also mean it’s time to get all decked out in our best.  Since it’s been a while, we all want something new – from our clothes to candies, too. Help make get-togethers extra stylish with confections inspired by 2022’s design and fashion color trends.

Join us as our experts make the color connection between today’s trends and the candies that will make their celebrations sensational!

Set the tone with Very Peri — 2022 Color of the Year

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Veri Peri – Pantone’s Color of the Year

Every year, color language expert Pantone selects a color that encapsulates the feelings of the times and this year that color is Very Peri.  Called by some “blurple,” this mix of blue and purple evokes “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression” (Pantone). Just the thing to get their party started!

Bring the Very Peri vibe with a mix of deep lavenders and periwinkle blues to candy buffets and bulk displays.  Nothing says ‘spritely and spunky’ better than sour gummies like Clever Candy Sour Blue Raspberry Bottles, and Clever Candy Sour Blastin’ Blue Raspberry Gummy Bears . Long rolls of Clever Candy Berry Blue Sour Rolled Belts create a dynamic presence on their own, or better yet, use them to twist and coil around skewers for a presentation full of motion.   

For an out-of-this-world celebration with a serious Veri Peri vibe, we are over the moon for Spaced Out Dextrose Candies. This blend of purples, blues, and grays in playful spaceship, planet, alien, star, and moon shapes are great for kids’ birthday parties, or anywhere they might be celebrating under the stars. For elegant affairs, bring in the feelings of Very Peri with a shimmer pearl candy shell – and a sweet chocolatey center like Sixlets Shimmer Lavender candies.

Jewel Tones — The Crowning Jewels of any Party

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Rich Jewel Tones

Customers are rolling out the red carpet for friends and family this year.  Give their gatherings the royal treatment with confections brimming with rich jewel tones. While the theme is ideal for any festive event, deep jewel tones are a particular favorite for weddings, and are among the top wedding themes for 2022 (Elegant Wedding).

A terrific way to inject fun into the gathering – layering rich, saturated color.  Think deep greens, reds, oranges, yellows, and of course royal purple.  Even though we’re evoking the crown jewels, it’s ok to show your playful side and let in a few deep green Clever Candy Tutti Frutti Gummy Frogs (who knows. . . they could turn into princes), or a rainbow of Clever Candy Gummy Sand Sharks (they’re quite a catch). 

Jewel tones are all about creating a rich, opulent feel, and layering textures is a great way to do that. For a smooth shine, opt for candies with a shell like Purple Grape Gumballs, Green Lemon/Lime Gumballs, and the candy classic Hot Tamales.  Pair the shine with a little sparkle from Nassau Candy Sour Apple, Watermelon, Lemon and Blue Razz fruit slices, even Clever Candy Sour Loops for a kaleidoscope of jewel tones. For an extra pop of glitter, add in Foiled Chocolate Marbles in Dark Green and Purple.

Pastels – Light and Bright

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Pastel confections for bulk display

Spring is here now, so the pastels have come out! According to Pantone’s color predictions for 2022’s London Fashion Week, this year’s pastel palette is all about “lighthearted, airy pastels and visually arresting brights.”  Think of it as ‘Easter meets South Beach,’ with vibrant bubble gum pinks, cool turquoise cascades, subtle buttery yellow popcorn, and pale orchid.

In this color collection, bright ‘Fragile Sprout’ green is  considered a neutral. So don’t be bashful about adding in bright green gummies like Clever Candy Gummy Apple Rings or Clever Candy Gummy Giant Bullfrogs.  It really adds a nice counterpoint to traditional pastel candies like Nassau Candy Smooth and Melty Nonpareil Wafers in pale pinks , blues and yellows, and Sixlets Shimmer Coral and Shimmer Yellow candies.

These are candies for celebrations, so traditional ‘party’ flavors along with the trending pastel colors will be a welcome addition to any occasion.  Like Nassau Candy Donut Hole Bites, and Nassau Candy Birthday Cake Dough Candy full of dough-lish-ous baked goods flavor contained in speckled light pink and white shells.  Nothing says “let’s get social” like ice cream, so Kervan Ice Cream Gummy Cones, topped with pastel colored “ice cream” will be the cherry on the top of any candy buffet or dessert table.

Customers want their gatherings to be light, full of fun, and uniquely special this year.  Trending color palettes for candy buffets, favor bags, and candy charcuterie boards help to brighten the mood, make an event extra special, and set a tone of fun!

Temp their flavor palates with candies in every color palette

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