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March is National Sauce Month.  Time to lay it on thick for the key condiments that let customers be adventurous with flavor. And all at minimal risk — pour on a little, or a lot, or have it on the side – it’s all up to preference. That’s why 39% of consumers are tempted by an item with an “original” or signature sauce (In-Sight). Just like we buy new shoes and purses to fit the season’s trends, the same goes for sauces. And like shoes and purses, we love having a ton of sauces on hand!  Time to spark some up-sale opportunities with unique sauces that spice up their everyday and soirées.

Our experts will help you “ketch-up” on the sauce trends and craft brands that are sure to be your customers’ next go-to condiments.

Soup Up Sandwiches & Wings

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Craft Hot Sauces Spice up Sandwiches and Wings

We all know a good sauce can take sandwiches and wings from so-so to sensational.  While Americans previously shied away from spice, this year their passion for heat is red hot, so offer them a variety of different ways to bring the spice.

Melinda’s craft hot sauces are guaranteed ignite hot sauce passions. Balancing heat with flavor, Melinda’s wide range of sauces brings a whole new spin to the hot sauce experience.  Garlic lovers looking for a saucy way to enjoy their garlic with some heat, will love Melinda’s Garlic Habanero Hot Sauce.  Those looking for a versatile sauce with a kick, offer Melinda’s Green Sauce, a blend of jalapeños, green tomatoes, spinach, cilantro, and lime, with just a touch of garlic, and red habanero. If they want to add some international flare to their wings then Melinda’s Peri Peri Sauce with a medium spice blend and a zesty hint of lemon will transport them to Portugal.

For the ultra-daring who want to bring on the heat, then its Melinda’s Creamy Ghost Pepper Sauce, or for a less creamy but even spicier option, Melinda’s XXXXtra Reserve. Sometimes they’re simply looking for a classic condiment with the bold heat of habanero. We recommend Melinda’s Habanero Ketchup

We always think of jalapenos, habaneros, and chipotle when thinking hot sauce, but don’t forget Italy’s Calabrian chilies too! They’re the base of Italy’s go-to hot sauce — Casa Fierelli Hot Sauce. The blend of rich, flavorful balsamic vinegar and spicy Calabrian chilies is sure to spice up subs (or even pizza) in new and different ways.

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Wenzel Hot Sauce

The majority of consumer food experimentation happens when dining out – particularly at food trucks.  80% of food truck visitors define their experience as “fun” and exciting” (Linchpinseo).  Invite customer to bring that fun food experimentation home with Blue Top Sauces.  Their Original Creamy Street Sauce, flavored with lemon, black pepper, and a hint of honey is inspired by food truck sauces, and brings sandwiches, burgers, and tacos to life. If they’re seeking spice, but also want a departure from the traditional hot sauce, recommend Garlic Hatch Chili Creamy Sauce, a blend of savory garlic, hatch chilies, and lemon. Tropical sauce flavors are also surging (In-Sight), so a blend of lime with jalapeno like Blue Top Lime Jalapeno Creamy Hot Sauce will quickly become their main squeeze.

Wings and subs are synonymous with sports watching.  Transport them to their college tailgating days with Wenzel Sauce.  A blend of red peppers, butter, paprika, and garlic create a bold flavorful condiment that pairs well with anything from sandwiches, to wings – pizza too! 

Pasta-tively Amazing

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Premium Pasta Sauces with a Homemade Spin

The home cooking trend continues into 2022 with 64% of Americans cooking their meals at home, according to Food Dive. Even though they are cooking at home, consumers want their meals to be chef-grade.  And, when it comes to sauces, they want them made with natural ingredients (In-Sight).  Serving up customer favorite pasta sauces, with a premium, homemade spin will open up endless pasta-bilites for up-sale opportunities

Capture Italian restaurant flavors at home with the Carbone line of pasta sauces.  From classic sweet Marinara to bold and flavorful Roasted Garlic, Carbone sauces are crafted using the same recipes as the renown New York City restaurant and made with real imported Italian tomatoes. 

Sauces with a homestyle, made-by-grandma feel, we love Cucina Antica.  All Cucina Antica sauces are made using the finest Italian ingredients like real Pecorino Romano in their La Vodka Sauce, and Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano in their Alfredo Sauce.  They even have a blend called Nonna’s Recipe based off the founder’s mother’s sauce recipe, made with Italian San Marzano tomatoes, onion, garlic, and basil. Most Cucina Antica sauces are also Non-GMO, satisfying consumers’ taste for clean ingredients.

Customers love supporting local, so Monte Bene’s line of homemade style sauces made with US grown tomatoes is a sauce they can get behind.  Whether they’re looking for a more traditional style sauce like Tomato Basil, or Garlic Marinara, or they want something bolder like Spicy Marinara, all Monte Bene’s sauces offer spectacular flavor, are made with Non-GMO ingredients, and are Whole30 approved, fitting today’s lifestyle trends.

Grilling Sauces that are Well Done

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Bold Flavored Barbeque Sauces are Smokin’ Hot

These days, home cooking usually includes a grill.  Make sure their grilling game is smokin’ with bold flavored barbeque sauces.  

Sauces offering authentic BBQ-joint flavor like Dinosaur Bar-B-Que sauces are sure to elevate them to pit “boss” status. Using the same recipes as the famous upstate New York barbeque place, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, ensures your customers’ ribs, chicken, brisket and burgers are the tricera-TOPS. Those looking to play with fire will love the heat of Dinosaur’s Wango Tango Sauce. If they’re looking for a little added bite with that heat it’s  Hot Honey Gold Mustard Sauce, or Creole Honey Mustard Sauce.  For those who love a little tang, then Chili Sour Cherry Sauce has the twist their looking for.  Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Roasted Garlic Honey Sauce sweetens things up with the addition of honey.   And for those who prefer to keep it classic, there’s Dinosaur’s Sensuous Slathering Sauce, full of sweet, tangy, spicy, and smoky flavors.

Different regions have different barbeque flavors and preferences. If it’s ‘down South’ flavors they’re seeking, then Tennessee’s Allegro is just the thing to get their juices flowing.  Allegro’s Original BBQ Sauce offers a unique spice and hickory smoke that tastes of tradition.  If it’s more heat they seek, then there’s Allegro’s Spicy BBQ Sauce.  A great caramelized crust is achievable thanks to the real honey in Allegro’s Honey BBQ Sauce.  For those getting a little adventurous and looking to test their grilling Fajita skills there’s Gold Buckle Brisket and Fajita Sauce.

Whether customers in your shop desire a sauce that’s tangy with vinegar, sweet and smooth with ketchup and honey, garlic-forward marinaras, or even spicy mustard-base, there is a sauce to suit their tastes. And, for all your non-meat eating customers, these sauces jazz up grilled veggies, too!

Our sauce selection is the magic sauce for
up-sell opportunities!

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