2022’s TikTok Trending Treats

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Social media platform TikTok is the world’s hottest app, reaching 1 billion global users in September 2021 and climbing. It’s now THE place for consumers to discover new products (and new ways to enjoy favorite products) in every category, with the TikTok hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt reaching 7.1 million views. At the forefront of the buying frenzy – CANDY! Brilliant colors, a symphony of sounds, plus a shared experience everyone can get behind helps promote tasty products to new audiences.  Candy is MADE for gaining TikTok followers. You too can create buzz — promote candy challenges your customers (and TikTokers) will love.

No need to start scrolling your TikTok feed to uncover the latest candy challenges.  Our team has done the work for you.

Challenge #1: Can You Finish It?

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TikTok’s favorite candy stars

Food challenge viewing is not a new phenomenon. Food challenge shows like Man vs Food became wildly popular because viewers love to watch the underdog achieve the impossible.  Rooting for the underdog is the reason TikTok candy challenges that dare TikTokers to “eat it all!” get all the views.

A creative way to present this challenge;  a “can you finish it” dare that includes the world . . . as in, Efrutti Planet Gummi. This popular globe-shaped candy  features a super soft gummi sphere surrounding a sweet, fruity center that bursts when bitten, creating an otherworldly experience. Challenge your customers to “eat the world” while the world is watching. 

Another challenge they’ll love a bunch – can they can finish Jelly Blasters mess free? After bursting the fruit-shaped outside of these juicy juggernauts it’s on to conquering the tidal wave of fruit flavored jelly center. The challenge is to make sure they bite the blaster in the right way to catch all the fruity jelly in their mouth. The fun is witnessing the wild and wacky spurts of jelly that fly everywhere.

Now hear this – TikTok says the simplest way for TikToks to get noticed is to include good sound.  Lots of viewers enjoy food sounds (and yes, even chewing and slurping) to give viewers the full experience.  Posts will instantly “pop” the moment creators pop the top of  a Candy Shots can.  Viewers will be engaged while TikTokers take their “shot” at downing the oozy, sweet liquid candy in fun flavors like cola, apple, and strawberry — all in one shot. Slurping is encouraged.

Challenge #2: Fun with Food

TikTok, TikTok Candy, Candy dough, Nerds, Nerds Twist & Mix, Nik L Nip, wax bottle, candy challenge, TikTok Candy Challenge
Play with your food

#Foodtok, is the hashtag for viewers who want to experience everything food. From cooking gourmet dishes to eating unique items, #Foodtok has grown 57%, according to TikTok. Candies that give a full visual eating experience are sure to gain a following fast. TikTok is more than viewership – TikTok is a shared experience where comments are important, and TikTokers learn through comments and expand on ideas.

A TikTok candy you “knead” right now – Face Twisters Sour Candy Dough.  Bend it, roll it, or twist colorful, sour candy dough flavors together. Craft shapes, and challenge customers to re-create your sculpture.

Even though TikTok is a “new” social platform candy doesn’t need to be new to become the next social media sensation.  Candy TikToks often include a nostalgic favorite that’s new to the latest generation of teens and tweens like Nik L Nip Mini Wax Bottles. Whether they go for the sound-filled slurp, or the bite and chew, drinking down the fruity flavors is always quite a fun-filled sight.

The industry is enjoying and responding to a demand for newstalgia — familiar, comfortable things that are also new and fresh, and innovative.  Newstalgia includes new ways to enjoy a candy classic like Nerds Twist & Mix.  The crunchy, tangy Nerds candy customers love, separated by color and packed in a unique wheel-shaped dispensing package allows to customers to record themselves playing confectionery DJ, creating their own custom candy mixes.  Not only is the packaging interactive, customers will love sharing on-camera their custom mix, while commenting on other member’s mixes.

Challenge #3 Can You Stand the Sour?

TikTok, TikTok Candy, sour candy challenge, TikTok Candy Challenge, TikTok Sour Candy Challenge, Graffiti Splash Spray Candy, Face Twisters Sour Slime, Face Twisters Silly Sour Legs
Sour Candy is Irresistible

TikTok followers are devouring posts of TikTokers eating something extreme, which includes super sour flavored foods.  Maybe it’s because eating extreme foods offers the same fear factor and high as riding a roller coaster (NPR).

There’s something really risky about graffiti, and when combined with candy like Graffiti Splash Spray Candy it’s the ultimate rebellion.  Super sour fruit flavors like apple and blueberry will leave their mark – literally.  The candy spray colors the tongue adding a colorful flourish to any TikTok.

For those who want to drench themselves in sour flavors, there’s Face Twisters Sour Slime.  Two packs of super sour candy “slime” allows TikTokers to give their tongues a double dose of tongue tying sour flavors. Two different flavor duos, green apple and strawberry, or blue raspberry and cherry allow customers to talk about creating their own flavor mix. Half the battle is trying to prevent the pucker. The twisted sour faces are the highlight of these posts.

Dance challenges are a trendy TikTok activity that’s easy for everyone to get into. Combine two TikTok trends in one with Face Twisters Silly Sour Legs! Customers who are too shy to show their dance moves on camera can have the candy “legs” of this super tall candy character do the work for them.  Then for the finale – try to see how much of the sour candy powder they can down at once!

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