Chocolate Trivia: The Rx to Increased Sales

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

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We all joke that since chocolate is made from plants, it’s salad which = not indulgent, but did you know that for a long time chocolate was touted and as medicine? While we don’t recommend  tearing through your medicine chest and switching out everything for chocolate bars, little bits of trivia like this could be the remedy to attracting new customers during the slower months post holidays.

Everyone loves feeling like they’re “in the know,” having knowledge about something their friends and family do not.  That’s why trivia nights and trivia apps are so popular! Knowing fun, obscure facts about chocolate not only positions your business the fun place to be, but you and your staff as knowledgeable in the products you sell. As part of your marketing activities, consider posing a weekly trivia question that visitors can answer in store, or via email in hopes of winning a discount on a product or, a free sample of a product you’re trying to promote. OR for something simpler, incorporate your trivia facts onto signage and shelf talkers in your business as a conversation starter.

Love the idea of incorporating trivia into your merchandising plan, but don’t have the time to spend trolling Google?  Don’t worry!  Here’s 9 facts about chocolate’s early medical beginnings to get your started .*

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*Note: the information provided here is for entertainment purposes only.

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