Organic Chocolate’s Getting the Oohs and Aahs

By Heather Mayer

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

Organic has made its way from a must for produce to a growing must for chocolate. Predictions have the organic chocolate market totaling $1.39 billion by 2028 (Candy Industry). The positive upswing stems from customers wanting to indulge while still striving towards a healthy lifestyle (Candy Industry).  While Supermarkets and hypermarkets may be where customers are reporting purchasing organic chocolate, all retailers can benefit from adding organic chocolates to their selection (Candy Industry).

Want to know the brands that will get the oohs and aahs?  Here are some of our favorites.

Beyond Good Chocolate by Madecasse

If sustainability and transparency of ingredients are important above all else, then Beyond Good by Madecasse is their brand.  Beyond Good works directly with farmers in Madagascar, helping them to use sustainable farming practices while also creating rich, organic chocolate bars that are manufactured right at the source.  They’ve also started working with a third party to source and then manufacture bars from Uganda.

All Beyond Good bars are single source, meaning all the cocoa beans used come from one distinct region, adding to the appeal as 75% of consumers view single source as more premium and sustainable (ConfectioneryNews). We can see why.  Beyond Good’s Madagascar-sourced bars are made with the heirloom cocoa bean called criollo, that brings a fruity flavor with notes of cranberry, cherry and raspberry to classics like  80% Dark chocolate, the 70% Dark Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate Salted Almond, and the unique like Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt and Nibs. The Uganda bars made with forestero and trinitario beans have bolder flavor notes of caramel and apricot with a floral finish, making them the perfect pairing for flavorful add ins like Crispy Rice and Salted Caramel.

Theo Chocolate

The original North American Fair Trade Chocolate brand, Theo has been offering customers rich, ethically-sourced organic chocolate creations since 2005. Made using simple ingredients including cocoa beans (preferably sourced from small farmers), just makes classics like Milk Chocolate Salted Almond, Dark Chocolate Coconut  and 85% Dark Chocolate taste that much better. Those looking for a little departure from the norm, Theo has bars like Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond.

Green & Black’s

The values of London-based Green & Black’s chocolate are right in the name – Green – sustainable, ethically sourced cocoa beans and Black — high quality and intense chocolate flavors.  The company’s signature dark chocolate recipe with no artificial ingredients creates a rich nuanced flavor that’s been a flagship of the brand. That’s why their 85% Dark Chocolate Bar is a must for any organic chocolate selection.  Not many organic chocolate manufacturers have an organic white chocolate bar, so organic fans who prefer their chocolate on the sweeter, lighter side there is Green & Black’s White Chocolate Vanilla. Not to leave out the milk chocolate fans, Green & Black’s offers a Milk Chocolate Bar, too.


Even in the organic chocolate space, customers are searching for the unique. Enter Raaka . Off the bat Raaka stands out from other brands as its small batch bars are created using unroasted cocoa beans sourced from single estate farms, farmer owned cooperatives, and grower centered organizations which creates a truer flavor.  Add in exotic ingredients like Pink Sea Salt and Coconut Milk, and it creates a truly unique experience. Raaka also delivers flavors that are totally off the beaten path like Bananas Foster made with real bananas, and Bourbon Cask Aged Dark Chocolate using cocoa beans aged in bourbon casks for two months to produce a cocktail-like flavor.


While many customers are turning to organic for something new and different, there are going to be some who want the classics. You know it’s a trend with staying power when chocolate icons like Reese’s is offering organic versions of their Peanut Butter Cups in both milk and dark chocolate.  The branding is instantly recognizable and added designations of Rainforest Alliance Certified Chocolate, Organic and Non-GMO appeal to customers’ craving for sustainability.

Give your organic

chocolate selection some oomph!

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