2021 On Track for A Boo-tiful Halloween Candy Season

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

This isn’t a trick.  Early predictions say Halloween 2021 will be all treats. Particularly when it comes to candy sales. According Progressive Grocer, consumers are amping up holiday celebrations to make up for lost time during 2020, so Halloween is tracking to be the biggest ever. Online search volume for the term “Halloween” is up to 328,500 searches per week which is high for this time of year analytics platform, Trendalytics reports. What these numbers tell us is customers are hunting early for items to make their Halloween spooktacular. Halloween simply wouldn’t be Halloween without plenty of chocolate.

Holidays aside, 2020 made chocolate an all-around best seller, with the National Confectioners Association reporting $21.9B in chocolate sales . Chocolate sales continue to stay high into 2021, according to Candy & Snack Today.

Now, we know customers are going to be drawn to the Halloween chocolate classics, but this year is a mega celebration! Help your customers be the envy of the neighborhood with chocolate featuring a seasonal spin.  Here are the treats we want in our loot bags.

Pumpkin Spice Bark

Customers get pumped for limited edition pumpkin spice flavors. A seasonal sweet packed with pumpkin spice flavors like Nassau Candy Pumpkin Spice Bark will have them screaming ‘Oh My Gourd.’ A blend of smooth chocolatey confection with a layer of creamy pumpkin spice, a drizzle of icing, and orange and white non-pareil sprinkles will be the Hallow-queen of your specialty chocolate selection. Pumpkin Spice bark is terrific on its own, and makes a Pinterest-perfect garnish for cupcakes and other baked goods.

Milk Chocolate Candy Corn Mix

Candy Corn is a Halloween staple – particularly with the GenX crowd, with 58% saying they enjoy the treat, according to the National Confectioners Association.  Call us corny, but we think anything tastes better covered in chocolate.  So our candy wizards gave the seasonal favorite a chocolatey spin, drenching it in the finest milk chocolate. Hocus Pocus, Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate Candy Corn Mix was brewed up. We leave some pieces in their natural form to create a colorful seasonal presentation of yellow, oranges and browns.

Milk Chocolate Harvest Nonpareils

Our milk chocolate nonpareils are always a best seller. When they’re decked out in seasonal colors orange and white, our Milk Chocolate Harvest Nonpareils are love at first bite. The limited edition appeal has customers gobbling up this fall favorite. Added bonus – the seasonal fun of Harvest Nonpareils lasts through Thanksgiving!

Halloween Coconut Ghosts

Chocolate isn’t exclusive to the dark side. For those customers with tastes that lean towards the sweeter, white, creamy kind, there are Nassau Candy Coconut Ghosts. A mix of white chocolatey confection and flakey shredded coconut, shaped into ghosts, complete with mini chocolate button eyes, look fab-boo-lous haunting a Halloween gingerbread house or atop a creepy cake.

2020 was a rough year and consumers are still craving comfort and seeking celebration.  And they’re doing that through candy.  Even with the challenges and stay at home orders of 2020, the National Retail Federation found 95% of consumers planned to purchase candy for Halloween.  You know they want it, and love it even more if it’s only around for a limited time.  Stock up now.  Trust us you’ll have them saying Boo-yah!

Nothing’s scarier than empty shelves. Our Halloween selection is sure to give ‘em pumpkin to talk about.

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