Candy Sales Continue to Soar

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Consumers found a new love for chocolate and candy during the stay-at-home orders of 2020. That relationship’s still going strong into 2021.  While other food categories are predicted to experience a slowdown due to restaurants re-openings, candy sales are expected to stay high, according to Food Dive.

We’re pulling back the wrapper, uncovering how to keep satisfying their sweet tooth well through 2021.

Hearts Still Melt for Chocolate

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Of all the candy categories, chocolate wins in terms of sales by FAR!

What has changed is how consumers are purchasing their chocolate favorites:

Bulk is Back

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In a normal year, 40% of consumers will purchase bulk candy, according to the National Confectioners Association.   Safety precautions made some consumers shy away from candy in 2020, but in 2021 bulk is starting to make a comeback:

Customers Stuck on Chewy Candy

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While chocolate might have been consumers’ main source of comfort, candy buyers continue to exhibit a soft spot for chewy, soft gummies. 

  • Non-Chocolate sales totaled $11.5B during 2020, according to the National Confectioner’s Association – a 2.9% increase.
  • Of the non-chocolate categories, chewy candies like gummies topped the list, bringing in $4 Billion in sales.  Stock up on gummy classics because they are un-bear-able to resist.

Sweet on Sustainability

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Pre pandemic, the sustainability trend was gaining major traction.  While it might have taken a backseat to safety, sustainability was still a driving force influencing purchase decisions in 2020 and continues today.

From Shopping Online to Shopping IN Line

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2020’s stay-at-home orders changed how customers got their chocolate and candy fix. 

While online became a new way for consumers to purchase candy, we’re starting to see a shift back to in-store purchases. 

  • Grocery stores are the top source for chocolate and candy purchases in the first part of 2021 experiencing a 5.7% sales increase, according to Candy & Snack Today.
  • During the first part of 2021, grocery store chocolate dollar sales were up 10.8% and non-chocolate sales were up 6% Candy & Snack Today reports.

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