Sweet Ways to Celebrate Pride

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

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Love comes in many colors. Flavors too! June is Pride Month and National Candy Month. Help customers show their love for candy and each other with an assortment brimming with a rainbow of colors and a cornucopia of sweet flavors.

Dramatic displays saturated in a rainbow of colors draws customers to your door. Tying your displays to a limited-time celebration helps amp up the urgency to purchase. Here are our top candy loves and the colorful ways to celebrate diversity, inclusion and, of course, candy.

Love Chewy

Sour belts, Dorval Sour Power Belts, gummy hearts, gummy starfish, Sour Patch Kids, Pride Month candy, National Candy month, licorice, rainbow candy

We love candy with a satisfying chew. We love them so much can’t chew-se our favorite! There’s the firm chew of a good licorice. Expand your horizons beyond traditional black and red. Sing a colorful tune with a sour bent like Sour Rainbow Filled Licorice Broadway Sticks.  Another twist on the classic licorice we’re loving right now is Clever Candy Rainbow Twisters Filled Licorice, tangling customers up in twirls of colors and fruity flavors with a sweet and soft marshmallowy core. Take customers for a spin with Clever Candy Two Faced Licorice Wheels. Trust us — colorful two-toned wheels of green/orange, yellow/purple, and red/blue are the highway to their chewy candy hearts.

For the softer side of chewy, explore colorful, flavorful gummies. The quintessential symbol for love is the heart, so offer a chewy, fruity, colorful gummy with Clever Candy Rainbow Triple Hearts. Leave them dizzy and weak in the knees with swirls of colors combined with the chewy candy icon, the gummy bear, like Clever Candy Gummy Dizzy Bears . Another gummy that’s quite a catch is  Clever Candy Gummy Starfish. If they love to pucker up, colorful sour candies like the perennial favorite Sour Patch Kids, is an ideal offering. Colorfully unique Clever Candy Rainbow Sour Rolled Belts capture the rainbow colors and bold fruit flavors with a sour kick. For more lip-puckering flavor, Sour Power Snax Quatro Mini Belts give them the tongue tingling sour in a smaller size gummy candy.

For those who love when their chewy experience lasts a little longer, Dubble Bubble Assorted Gumballs or Project 7 Rainbow Ice Gum are a gum-believable choice. And, who can resist the nostalgic pastime of blowing huge bubbles? Bubblegum is a feel-good item that brings on the smiles, so offer it up in abundance at your point of sale and tuck some into gift baskets for added color and fun.

Love Crunchy

Whirly pop, Jawbreakers, twist pops, unicorn pop, nonpareil , gummy bears, Pride Month, Pride Month Candy, National Candy Month

Sometimes it’s not the chew, but the crunch that will make them feel anything but blue. Nothing chases the blues away like seeing a rainbow of sunny hues that pack a crunch like a generous heap of nonpareil sprinkles on Clever Candy Gummy Crispy Crunch Bears. Chocolate fans will love Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate Nonpareils and Nassau Candy White Chocolate Nonpareils — chocolate with rainbow sprinkle bling — sure to melt their hearts. For a colorful jaw-dropping experience that packs some major crunch, go for larger-than-life versions of crunchy candy classics like Monster Color Jawbreakers or Sour Monster Jawbreakers. For a different spin on colorful, crunchy candy, opt for those that are twisting and twirling  with color like Whirly Pops and Pennsylvania Dutch Twist Pops.

Love is in the air!

Celebrate Pride Month and National Candy Month with colorful confections

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