Everyone Wants S’mores of Backyard Togetherness

Styling and Photography by Laurie Mosco

We have experienced the year of “s’mores.” Everyone enjoyed s’more family time, with 30% of US adults saying it was their #1 way to spend an evening, according to Statista.  The latest trending family time activity – gathering ‘round the fire pit with Yahoo Finance reporting sales of fire pits skyrocketing. Enjoying the warmth, the dazzle, and the crackle of a fire is fun, but when you combine the ambience of a dancing flame with comfort food — another thing we all want s’more of – well, then things really start to heat up. THE snack customers are  really cozying up to? S’mores, S’mores flavored everything is experiencing record sales, according to Confectionery News.

Are we looking at the decade of S’mores, perhaps? Customers want s’more ways to make their family outdoor get-togethers memorable.  Give customers some simple ways to sweeten outdoor time and create tasty memories with easy and fun candy creations.

Get S’more Inspiration

Toasty Roasted Marshmallows by Laurie Mosco

Customers are always looking for s’more ways to enjoy ooey, gooey, creamy, crunchy chocolatey goodness sooner. Be their one-stop-shop for family fun with AmuseMints Family S’mores Kits complete with everything they need to craft this old time favorite at home . Kit includes: marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars (everything but the campfire).  

For a different spin on s’mores with s’more panache, suggest chocolate covered versions of classic s’mores ingredients. We recommend Nassau Candy’s own chocolate covered grahams in dark chocolate and chocolate covered grahams in milk chocolate. It’s s’more the merrier, so we would add Nassau Candy’s milk chocolate covered vanilla marshmallows and dark chocolate covered vanilla marshmallows to the assortment.  Raise the bar with specialty chocolate bars packed with all the s’mores flavors. We love Chuao Oh My S’mores, AmuseMints Cuddly S’mores Emotion bar, Annabelle Rocky Road S’mores Bar, and 5150 Chocolate Company Dark Chocolate S’mOreo Bar.

For those who want to skip the toasting and get straight to snacking, there’s Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate S’mores, featuring sweet graham crackers, topped with fluffy marshmallows and then drenched in the finest milk chocolate. We also love Gilliam S’Mores Sticks, Rocket Fizz S’Mores Soda, and Jelly Belly S’Mores Jelly Beans. In fact, we love S’Mores so much, we have a whole page full of delectable S’Mores flavor goodies.

Get Toasted with Hot Cocoa  

Outdoorsy and S’moresy Retreat

There’s more than one way to get cozy by the campfire. Chocolate makes everything better. Snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate, brimming with melty, airy marshmallows is a hot idea any time of year.  An emerging trend (which we think has lots of staying power) has been da bomb on social media lately – hot cocoa bombs.  For those who haven’t been mesmerized by the videos blowing up their socials yet, hot cocoa bombs are rich chocolate orbs filled with cocoa toppings like mini marshmallows that melt and burst when dunked into a mug of hot milk.  Hot cocoa bombs blow the ordinary cocoa experience right out of the water (or milk). That’s why a bombshell like Clever Candy Hot Chocolate Drink Bomb won’t stay on your shelves for long.

Take their cocoa cravings one step further? Offer all the fixings for a hot chocolate bar – check out our previous post for inspiration.

Get Social with Ice Cream Toppings Bars

All that time by the fire gets a bit toasty, so customers need to cool off.  Here’s the scoop — ice cream sales are ALSO red hot, with the larger ice cream/sherbet category sales totaling $6.8 million in 2020 according to Dairy Foods Magazine. What’s the cherry on top to a fireside ice cream experience? You guessed it — actual cherries and other ice cream toppings.  No need to make a major investment in a blast chiller, freezer, or ice cream stock.  Customers will melt for readymade ice cream social kits featuring bulk toppings classics like sprinkles and pint-size candy favorites like Clever Candy Mini Gummy Bears, Nassau Candy Mini Nonpareils, and Nassau Candy Mini Fruit slices. Make it super simple by repacking the bulk faves in family-size containers with your branding.  Customers simply grab and go.

Get Crafty with Candy

Confections and campfires bring everyone together, but sometimes the kiddos need a little more razzle dazzle and hands-on fun.  Time to get crafty with candy craft kits. Trust us, your customers will thank you. During 2020 stay-in orders, craft sales skyrocketed 70%, according to market research firm NPD group.  That’s why Poppin’ Cookin’ Candy Making kits from Japan will make family evenings by the fire (or an afternoon at the picnic table) a little sweeter.  Just add water and Popping Cookin’ kits  are the fast, fun way to make chewy candy creations that resemble favorite foods like donuts, Ramen, fast food, ice cream cones, and even sushi!  For those parents who prefer to get in on the craft craze without any prep, there’s Sweet Beads DIY Candy Bracelet Kit where everyone gets to make a fun edible accessory. It’s easy to build a fun time with candy bricks and candy blocks.

Cozy up to adding backyard bites to your assortment

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