The Votes are In: Our Presidential Picks

Assortment of presidential treats -  Swedish fish, gummy ice cream cones, gummy bears, chocolate covered ginger, Johnny Apple Treats, Chick-O-Stick

Are these the sweets that supercharge our nation’s leaders?

Photography and styling by Laurie Mosco

We’ve always had suspicions that our nation runs on candy. Now we have proof!  Exhibit A – the Senate Candy Drawer, which, according to Mashable, is fueling all those late-night lawmaking sessions.

The Senate can’t be the ONLY place in Washington D.C. hoarding the candy.  The oval office must have a drawer . . . a dish . . . a jar . . . some sort of sweet stash!

President’s Day 2021– time for a fresh take.  If we are in charge of the Capitol’s candy stash, here is how we imagine The POTUS past and present would place their orders.

President Joe Biden – Gummy Ice Cream Cones

gummy ice cream cones

There no denying our current president, Joe Biden, has an affinity for ice cream (that’s no malarkey!).  Perhaps it’s now un-cone-stitutional to go a day without it.  We wonder if he shares his frozen refreshments with Champ and Major. Since it’s hard to stash frozen goodies in the Resolute Desk drawer, we imagine chewy, Kervan Gummy Ice Cream Cones  in authentic ice cream flavors like vanilla, strawberry, and mint chip would be a spectacular substitute. And that’s the inside scoop!

James Madison – Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger

chocolate covered ginger

As a creator of the US constitution, 4th President James Madison was no stranger to all-nighters. We can assume from these marathon planning sessions creating the framework of our government, Madison needed some soothing comfort food. Madison’s go-to sweet treat? His wife Dolly Madison’s gingerbread. Not wanting to leave crumbs around the oval office, we deem Nassau Candy’s Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger a mess-free, work-friendly alternative that brings a craveable sweet heat.

John Adams – Johnny Apple Treats

nostalgic candy Johnny Apple Treats

Another VP turned president, John Adams (no relation to Nassau Candy’s Nancy Adams), grew a liking for Hard Cider during his time at Harvard University. Drinking Hard Cider, is probably not a great way to spend working hours, so we think this patriot would take a shining to Johnny Apple Treats’ tangy, juicy apple flavor and playful packaging featuring a mascot with a nod to American Folklore Hero, Johnny Appleseed.

Teddy Roosevelt 3D Gummy Bears

3D gummy bears

At 43, Teddy Roosevelt was America’s youngest president, bringing youthful exuberance to the office. Knowing Roosevelt’s playful nature, AND the fact that the Teddy Bear is named after him, we theorize Clever Candy’s 3D Chubby Bears would delight Teddy’s sweeter side. Known for his love of the great outdoors and his unusual menagerie, seems like a perfect fit.

George Washington – Black Cherry Fruit Slices

black cherry fruit slices

Folklore states that the first president of our nation, George Washington, couldn’t tell a lie about chopping down his father’s favorite cherry tree. With a nod to that famous rumor, we would like to suppose that George Washington actually rather enjoyed cherries, and would prefer to keep a stash of  Black Cherry Fruit Slices by Nassau Candy.

Abraham Lincoln – Lemon Cream Malt Balls

lemon cream malt balls

We learned Lincoln loved his wife Mary Todd’s lemon custard pie. Maybe that’s why he looks like he’s puckering in all those photos. We’d like to think if he was around today he’d enjoy Nassau Candy lemon cream malt balls. Bonus, these creamy, crunchy confections are very portable, so he could carry them with him to Gettysburg and deliver that famous speech while enjoying tangy lemon flavor.

Grover Cleveland – Swedish Fish

gummy fish Swedish Fish

A bachelor the first time he entered office, Grover Cleveland said he preferred pickled herring to all the fancy White House Food. Office etiquette 101 says the ONLY fish allowed in the oval office should be Swedish Fish, so we’re envisioning swapping in a bag of these crimson gummy aquatic beauties.  Cleveland’s co-workers — you’re welcome!

Benjamin Harrison – Candy Corn

candy corn

Our 23rd President Benjamin Harrison comes from farm folk, so it’s not surprising that his favorite food is corn.  Call us corny, but we believe that this POTUS’ face would light up at the sight of Zachary Candy Corn when he felt those 3PM sweet cravings coming on.

Woodrow Wilson – Chick-O-Stick


Woodrow Wilson, the president who helped us through World War I, was known as “a man of simple tastes,” with the only food noted as his favorite: chicken salad. Mayo-based anything is not made for desk drawers (just trust us on this one). Although they weren’t invented yet, we suspect he’d prefer to be munching on crispy, crunchy Chick-O-Sticks and plotting ways to defeat the Central Powers.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) – Blueberry Rock Candy

blue rock candy blueberry rock candy

FDR took us through the great depression and WWII, and to help him relieve stress during such tumultuous times, he liked to collect stamps.  Thinking of simple pleasures, we’d like to think FDR would truly appreciate something simple and undeniably delicious – rock candy! And, since one of FDR’s favorite desserts is blueberry pudding, we theorize he would love Espeez Blueberry Rock Candy to enjoy after his famous fireside chats.

Dwight D. Eisenhower – Fudge Brownie M&M’s®

Fudge Brownie M&M

Dwight D. Eisenhower might have had command of the US army during World War II and then the country, but it was his wife and first Lady Mamie, who earned 5 stars for her sweet creations.  Eisenhower’s favorite? Mamie’s Million Dollar Fudge. When the Million Dollar Fudge supply was low, and Mamie was not in the kitchen, we’d like to believe Ike would have enjoyed popping a few M&M’s Fudge Brownie candies to crush a fudge fix.

Jimmy Carter – Peanut Brittle

peanut brittle

Before moving into the oval office, president Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer and we’re told he was just nuts about peanut butter pie.  Since pie isn’t exactly ideal for tucking into a candy drawer, we think President Carter could get his fix of sweet and salty peanuty goodness with Nassau Candy Peanut Brittle.

Ronald Reagan – Jelly Beans

Jelly beans

Though jelly beans have been an Easter favorite since the 1930s, it was Ronald Reagan who really put jelly beans on the map as an all-American favorite.  In fact, according to Jelly Belly, 3 tons of jelly beans were consumed during Reagan’s 1981 Presidential inauguration.  The red, white, and blue hues of Jelly Belly Superman superhero jelly bean mix call to mind the colors of our nation’s flag, and the shimmery finish brings new meaning to the term “old Glory”.

George H.W. Bush – Milk Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough

milk chocolate covered cookie dough

George Bush was known for embracing American values.  What’s more all-American than chocolate chip cookies? George loved Barbara Bush’s recipe for chocolate chip cookies. That’s why we think he’d really appreciate Nassau Candy Milk Chocolate Covered Cookie Dough – all that chocolate chip cookie flavor in a poppable chocolate covered bite.

Bill Clinton – Gummy Hamburger and Fries

gummy burger and gummy fries

Our 42nd president, Bill Clinton, had a habit of running to fast food joint McDonald’s for a cheeseburger and fries.  Taking his love of fast food into consideration, our vote for Bill’s candy drawer pick draws inspiration from his fast food faves. We nominate eFrutti mini gummy burger and a side of eFrutti sour gummy fries as the choice of President 42’s newest “running” mates.

Barack Obama – Sea Salt Caramels

sea salt caramel

Salted caramel has been a coveted indulgence in France for a few decades, but salted caramel has only enjoyed its pinnacle in the states for about a decade or so. During president Obama’s re-election campaign, the phenomenon of sugary sweet and salty goodness really won the hearts of the POTUS (and the rest of the country). We wouldn’t have to campaign too hard to get Dark chocolate sea salt caramels by Nassau Candy into Barack’s secret stash.

Donald Trump – Orange Fruit Slices

orange fruit slices

The hue of our 45th president’s skin was undeniably unique. Perhaps he has an affinity for this color because he spends so much time in the Sunshine State, where they are famous for growing oranges. We are just going to guess he loves everything orange. With that in mind, we selected our orange fruit slices as his candy of choice. We also hear he loves “beautiful” chocolate cake, so perhaps he’d prefer to stuff his drawers with chocolate covered orange peels. Orange and chocolate are a classic and elegant combination.

We hope our predictions of sweet snacks helps you get over your afternoon slump this President’s Day. Remember, no matter what candy creation gets your vote, we can all agree that the coworker with the candy dish (or drawer) is the MVP of any team!

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