Color us Surprised – the Influence of Color on Purchases and Mood

Tickled pink — green with envy — the blues. These common phrases are more than figures of speech. Colors can affect our mood and thoughts — even purchasing decisions.  According to Packaging Digest, 90% of snap judgments made about products are based on color.  This fact certainly rings true as retailers reopen post COVID-19 quarantines.

Retail authorities like fashion trade publication, Rivet , and trend forecasting firm, Fashion Snoops, are predicting, “… when a sense of normalcy does re-emerge, color will be an impactful tool for companies to use to renew consumers’ spirits and drive shoppers to buy.” Color predictions, however aren’t just for times of quarantine. They’re made yearly by color language experts like Pantone. Ironically (or maybe un-ironically), the “it” color for 2020 selected by Pantone is Classic Blue. We feel it will have customers feeling anything but — we’re predicting a “blue skies” feeling, particularly when color psychology is applied to marketing confections as businesses re-open.

Consumers are looking for ways to lift their spirits and find comfort, and spread some joy, so playing with color when merchandising candy will draw interest to your business during these challenging times. Here we examine Pantone’s Classic Blue, and two of the major color stories predicted by the fashion industry, and the feelings these colors evoke.

Color Story #1: Fun-Damentals

According to Rivet and Fashion Snoops, color is following a “youthful path,” with vibrant, saturated colors among the most popular of the season. The colors in their Fun-damentals story evoke a childlike “energy,” which is exactly what customers need to help create some much-needed lightheartedness.

Colors (and candies) that fall into the Fun-damentals story include:

True Blue

The term, “true blue” is more than a saying. According to, blue symbolizes trust, loyalty and security.  It also evokes a soothing, calming feel. Pantone’s Classic Blue is representative of the Fun-damentals story. We love Classic Blue because we are partial deep, vivid blue raspberry confections, like Nassau Candy’s Blue Raspberry Fruit Slices, giant gummy bear shaped lollipops from Melville Candy and classic blue rock candy from Espeez

Grass Green

Green symbolizes growth and health, so it’s no wonder grass green is included in the “jovial” Fun-damentals category. Green inspires feelings of revitalization, balance, and encouragement, which provides extra emotional lift customers will appreciate.  Create an all-green display featuring the full spectrum of flavors. We love our crispy Nassau Candy Mint Chocolate Malt Balls, chewy Clever Candy Giant Bullfrogs, and tart Sweet Candy Company Watermelon Fruit Sours to help bring on the feelings of healing, refreshment, and renewal.

Deep Purple

Often deemed the color of royalty, the color purple sparks mystery, imagination, and spiritual discovery. Purple is evocative of energy, according to Fun-damentals. Purple has long been associated with grape flavor candy and confections so, it’s easy find an assortment of bold purple items to create a selection fit for royalty.  We like grape bulk rock candy crystals from Dryden & Palmer, and Sweet Candy grape fruit sours. For added mystery, include vintage candy favorite Choward’s Violet mints decked out in purple packaging and full of violet (aka purple) flavor.

Color Story #2: Soft Energy

The color story, Soft Energy, according to Rivet and Fashion Snoops is all about pastels. But these aren’t your grandma’s Victorian-era water color hues – this palette has vibrant energy. Extra oomph is what makes this story “the most emotional color story of the season. ” Soft energy is said to evoke “shades [that] are gentle and tenacious. They recharge the spirit and provide a sense of strength.” When choosing shades for your confection selection, opt for pale shades that still radiate brightness.

Colors (and confections) that fall into the Soft Energy category include:

Bubblegum Pink

Adding a pink section to your business is like giving each of your customers a hug.  That’s because pink represents compassion, childlike playfulness, and love.  Pink also oozes with positivity, so it’s the perfect time for pink.  We’d fill our candy bags with brilliant, light pink items with some toothsome texture like Nassau Candy Donut Hole Bites, and items that pack some heat like Taffy Town Extreme Hot Taffy, and  also, a little tang like Clever Candy Wacky Watermelon Gummy Bears.

Lemon Yellow

Smiles are hard to suppress when looking at something yellow. That’s because yellow represents optimism, positivity, and happiness. We propose adding an assortment of yellow confections like Nassau Candy Banana Fruit Slices, Sweet Candy Company Lemon Fruit Sours, and Nassau Candy Lemon Cream Malt Balls, to your bulk or bagged selection, to bring on the grins. Fruity flavors and fun are just what everyone needs right about now!

The candy color palette is a real rainbow of colors, tastes, textures, and flavors that fit into the color stories. Each color and flavor profile has a significant impact on mood and purchasing habits. Color-blocking is a versatile merchandising strategy with a huge amount of marketing opportunity, particularly at a time when consumers are searching for comfort, and the color story will have appeal when customers want to celebrate their good vibes (in the not-too-distant future).

In addition to mood boosts, courtesy of color candy, help customers feel confident by providing confections in pre-packed bags, tubs, and boxes. Retail Dive notes that customers are holding onto their “penchant for cleanliness” even after we return to a more normal environment. Containers help maintain the cleanliness customers are seeking, while still allowing you to create an impactful, emotion-provoking color display. Don’t want to package it yourself? Many candy manufacturers like Nancy Adams are offering their most popular items in clear tubs for fast and easy merchandising. Create a safe space for customers through color and cleanliness now, and you will help them through these times, while creating loyal customers who will visit your business well into the future.

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