Do You Say Pop or Soda?

Time to POP the question – which is the correct term for the sweet, fizzy soft drinks Americans love to sip for refreshment?

And the answer is . . .

. . . completely dependent on geography.

View this interactive map to see if you agree (and also add your voice to the vote).

According to cartographer Alan McConchie’s web project, we can expect the following:

  • Soda – Northeasterners, Floridians, Californians, and a few pockets of Midwesterners (around Milwaukee and St. Louis) use this term the most
  • Pop is preferred in most of the Midwest and West
  • And coke (even if it’s not Coca-Cola brand) is the word Southerners use most often for soft drinks

No matter what you call it, Craft Sodas are trending now and predicted to see sales spiking through 2024. *

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