7 Healthy Food Stats to Supercharge New Year Sales

The New Year is only days away. That means the cookies, cakes, and comfort food of the holidays are soon but a distant memory. Consumers are saying goodbye to grandma’s gooey mac & cheese and homemade cookies, and hello to fruits, vegetables, and other better-for-you foods.

This shift from indulgent feasts, to foods on the lighter side might not be as drastic as in years past.  In fact, Culinary Visions found that health benefits trumped taste in consumers’ snack selections year round. 

We know what they DON’T want (less salt, less fat, less carbs, fewer calories, less sugar, etc.) but what are consumers looking for in terms of healthy foods?  Here are some stats for inspiration.

  • US organic food sales totaled $47.9 billion in 2018, according to a survey from the Organic Trade Organization.  Fruits and vegetables made up 36% of these sales, so keep pushing the produce.
  • 39 states choose broccoli as their favorite vegetable, per a survey by Green Giant.
  • 90% of millenials ages 21 to 34 are willing to pay more for products that contain environmentally friendly or sustainable ingredients, based on a survey by Nielsen.
  • Over the past 2 years, grocery sales of plant-based protein meat replacements rose 31% to $4.5 billion, as reported in a 2019 survey by non-profit The Good Food Institute.
  • 37% of consumers are using food as a way to reach their health goals, according to a 2019 survey by food trends prediction and intelligence startup, Tastewise.
  • As of April 2019, plant-based milk sales totaled $1.858 billion, based on a survey by The Good Food Institute.
  • 57% of people have a snack at least once a day, as found in a survey by the International Food Information Council Organization.

Feeling revved up to start the New Year with shelves stocked full of plant-based, organic, and sustainable products?  You know they want snacks. See our healthy snacks selection, sure to meet their resolution requirements.

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