Better-for-You Snacks Hit the Sweet Spot Before New Year’s Resolutions

Treats to help customers jump-start their resolutions through the holidays

The New Year is a little more than week away, and that can mean only one thing – resolutions. According to research firm YouGov, 54% of Americans resolved  to eat healthier heading into 2019.  We can expect similar numbers going into 2020. While consumers are looking to eat healthier, on-the-go snacks tallied up $1.1 billion worth of business in 2018, according to Nielsen, and the market is growing. It seems consumers are not willing to skip snacks to achieve their fitness goals.

Meet your customers in the middle with small indulgences that combine better-for-you ingredients like nuts and dried fruit.  Here are some of our favorites that help make the transition from the holiday table to the gym bag.

Rainbow Delight Mix

Customers are delighted to see classic M&M’s® along with a premium selection of nuts, seeds, chocolate, and raisins in Nassau Candy’s Rainbow Delight Mix. Blanched peanuts, sunflower seeds, roasted almonds, and cashews provide the protein customers crave and the salt pairs perfectly with classic milk chocolate candies.  Added bonus – the rainbow of colors can brighten even the dreariest winter days.

Energy Mix

Getting back into the gym routine is difficult, particularly in cold winter weather.  A snack that gives customers a mood boost is just what they need.  Nassau Candy’s Energy Mix is packed with almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, and walnuts. Sweetened with raisins, sugar toasted peanuts, and honey roasted peanuts Energy Mix is a sweet reward post workout.

Cool Brew Espresso Mix

A better-for-you snack that offers a little coffee fix and a bit of the sweet stuff can get you over that afternoon slump. Nassau Candy’s Cool Brew Espresso Mix is a unique blend of sweet, tart, and bitter notes that creates an uncommonly delicious mix. Unsalted almonds are filling, while diced papayas, diced pineapples, dried cranberries, dark chocolate raisins, and dark chocolate mini nonpareils are sweetly satisfying. With an added turbo boost from dark chocolate espresso beans, customers will be buzzing about this mix.

Milk Chocolate Pretzel Poppers

Small poppable snacks make it easy for customers to portion out their indulgences.  We love Nassau Candy’s Pretzel Poppers as they offer that perfect salty-sweet combination, all in a pint size. If customers are feeling creative, they can add them to their own homemade trail mix.

Yogurt Raisins

Keeping to a better-for-you lifestyle never tasted so sweet as when adding yogurt raisins for an indulgence. Creamy, chewy and sweet, yogurt covered raisins from Nassau Candy are sweetly satisfying added to a homemade trail mix or on their own.

Champion’s Mix

Dried fruit is pleasantly chewy and satiates hunger. For customers looking for a true trail mix, we recommend Nassau Candy’s Champion’s Mix.  Black raisins, dried cranberries, dried cherries, and golden raisins add a hearty, chewy bite, while almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, shelled pistachios, and pumpkin seeds (pepitas) help fuel them any time of day.  This mix can also make a cameo at breakfast time as a yogurt topper that really has some staying power.

Yogurt Trail Mix

Sometimes indulgence can mean a variety of textures and tastes.  Take Nassau Candy’s Yogurt Trail Mix for example.  A combination of almonds, pumpkin seeds (pepitas), roasted cashews, roasted peanuts, and sunflower seeds, with a touch of sweet from raisins, chopped dates, yogurt peanuts and yogurt bites create a pleasing combination of textures and flavors. Customers will feel like they have a real treat on their hands.

Dark Chocolate Almonds

Full of antioxidants, dark chocolate is often viewed as the better-for-you chocolate option.  When it’s paired with energy-sustaining almonds, like in Nassau Candy’s dark chocolate almonds, then it’s the perfect snack.  They’re great on their own, while easily portioned and added to trail mixes.

Yogurt Pretzels

Yes, we can’t get enough of yogurt covered anything, and customers won’t be able to, too.  Salty mini pretzels topped with a creamy and tangy yogurt coating, like those from Nassau Candy, are a rich rewarding treat. Just a handful at snack time brings on the smiles and helps curb the hangry beast with a creamy-crunchy bite.

Little Indulgences = Big Business

Small indulgences like nut mixes, chocolate covered nuts, and pretzels can go a long way to helping customers keep their resolutions.  Specialty fruit and nut mixes accounted for $1.46 billion in sales in 2016, according to Statista. Adding unique mixes and chocolate covered items to your assortment sets you up as a snack-savvy super star.

Haven’t had your fill of better-for-you snacks?  Click below to check out our full selection.

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