Silver and Gold Bring Sparkle to any Event

Silver and Gold might be a classic Christmas tune, but this color theme isn’t just for the holidays and New Year’s.  It adds a touch of elegance to a wedding, commemorates an anniversary, and brings class to a milestone birthday, or even a baby shower.

In fact, consumers’ love of the silver and gold theme is actually a ‘thing’ called color psychology.  According to, silver, to many, represents wealth and innovation, while gold represents wealth and opulence.  With these feelings attached to these sparkling, shimmering colors, it’s no wonder they’re selected for customers’ most important events.

Confectionery manufacturers have heard our call for everything shiny and increasingly are offering chocolates and candies that actually have a metallic hue.  Put on your sunglasses and don your top hat (remember these colors are elite) as we list our beloved brightest confections.


Silver and gold already exude elegant flare.  When they’re paired with the candy classic, over-sized lollipops like Whirly pop’s silver and gold, then it brings that vintage charm customers covet.  They make a grand statement on a color themed candy table, but the large size of these lollies makes them VIPs when grouped together in a lollipop centerpiece.

Rock Candy

These iconic candy crystals already resemble gemstones. When metallic silver and gold  colors are added, like in the rock candy sticks from Espeez, they’re even more regal. These particular sticks come individually wrapped, so they make great party favors.  As we know, silver and gold have a flare for the dramatic, so creating a centerpiece that simulates a floral bouquet  out of these crunchy candy sticks always ends in stunning results.

Malt Balls

When you first read that malt balls made our list, your reaction might be ‘huh?’  Though chocolate is traditionally brown, there is confectionery technology that gives chocolate products a metallic sheen, too.  It’s this silver sheen that will make Disco Malt Balls by Nassau Candy, the life of any party. Their super shiny shell doesn’t take away from the classic malt ball flavor.  AND, they look great when piled and packaged in favor bags, as centerpiece fillers, or presented in clear containers as part of a candy buffet display.

Candy Pieces

While lollipops and rock candy give displays height, you need something to be the anchor and add weight.  That’s where candy pieces like My M&M’s Platinum come in.  While they’re not “officially” called silver, they give that perfect silver sheen and great texture to bulk and candy buffet displays.  For those customers looking for a perfectly spherical alternative, Sixlets Shimmer Silver pieces also bring those chocolatey flavors in a crunchy, shiny, silvery candy shell.

Everyone Wishes for Silver and Gold

While we all love to see “silver and gold decorations on every Christmas tree,” thankfully, the silver and gold theme lasts all year. Help your customers create exquisite events any time of year by offering a collection of confectionery creations with authentic shimmer along with foil wrapped chocolates and candies for added opulence.  Show customers unique display ideas they can recreate themselves like centerpieces or a candy buffet layout.  The displays don’t need to be elaborate. The shimmering candy speaks for itself.

We know, you’re saying “bling it on” because you can’t get enough of the shiny stuff!  Click to check out our entire silver and gold selection.

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