Make the Holidays Extra Cozy With Old Fashioned Candy

We’ve trimmed the tree and decked the halls. Time to enjoy longtime holiday candy favorites! 

90% of us plan to share or gift chocolate and candy this season (National Confectioners Association (NCA)). While new Christmas treats pop up every year, we’re feeling nostalgic for candies that have stood the test of time

Join us as we take a trip down memory lane while introducing new twists on holiday classic favorites. 

Rock Candy

Sweet, fruity, crunchy, sparkly, and full of vibrant color – rock candy has everything you want from a holiday candy.

As beautiful to look at as it is to eat, rock candy makes a striking presentation in stores and on dessert tables. 

But don’t think it’s only for the kids’ table. Rock candy got its start as an accompaniment to rye whiskey, but made a detour to candy shops during prohibition.  Thanks to a recent resurgence in the popularity of craft rye and whiskey — mixologists are recommending rock candy as a swanky swizzle for the classic beverage rock and rye

Speaking of whiskey. . . Irish coffee, anyone? A rock candy stick complements the classic after-dinner drink quite nicely.

In fact, rock candy sticks can give a sweet kick to coffee drinks any time of day. For a bold statement, rock candy swizzled in champagne adds more sparkle to the season. 

Handmade Candy Canes

Candy canes are the best-selling non-chocolate candy in the month of December, according to the NCA. The tried and true traditional cool peppermint brings the feeling of winter’s chill, while the red and white colors are SO in season.

Handmade candy canes, with their chunkier profile, unique shapes and signature nipped ends add a touch of elegance to holiday desserts. Amp up the charm — present these stunning canes around a vase, inspiring customers to create their own candy cane centerpieces or dessert garnish

We prefer a full-on old school presentation — hanging them on the tree.

Bonus — these hefty holiday classics are available in a rainbow of colors and flavors, so there is something to suit every sweet tooth.

Barber Poles

Though enjoyed year-round, barber pole candy sticks are attractive during the holidays as they’re technically the original candy cane. 

Candy canes first appeared in Europe as a straight, white candy stick, and didn’t earn their curves or stripes until later on. For those of us who prefer their candy sticks minus the mint kick — there’s fruit flavored, and soda flavored. Even classics like butterscotch cinnamon and clove too!

Barber poles break out of the traditional candy cane colors, giving customers more options to create candy centerpieces to match their holiday theme.

Ribbon Candy

The original Christmas candy, ribbon candy was created by European candy shop owners as an elegant focal point for store windows.

Everyone falls in love with looping pulled sugar ribbons at first sight. Maybe it’s because the swirling, striped loops of colorful sugar bring visions of the piles of presents about to be received.

The traditional, larger versions are quite delicate and often difficult to present, so consider carrying a baby size version of this nostalgic classic. It’s easy to add to a candy dish or adorn a ribbon candy inspired cake.

Cut Rock Candy

While we can’t confirm why cut rock candy is a Christmas classic, we CAN confirm many churches, Sunday schools, and civic organizations gave children mini candy boxes as gifts to celebrate the season (and, we assume, to keep kids quiet during church services.) We can only speculate that these highly colorful and detailed candies were part of the mix.

Every piece of cut rock candy is a mini masterpiece! Each cut rock candy design start out as several different large candy logs that are piled and bunched together to create a specific pattern, then rolled super thin and sliced. The end result: intricate images of fruits, flowers, or holiday themes, that are perfect for presentation.

Crafty customers will also love making their own cut rock candy ornaments by melting multiple pieces together.

Raspberry Filled Hard Candies

Like the Cut Rock Candy, we’re not sure how this raspberry filled hard candy became a Christmas tradition, but they are delightful! 

A sweet hard candy on the outside, and gooey, fruity center. Their red color is on point for the holiday season, and their berry-like texture looks festive in a candy dish. 

Fun fact – most hard candies started out as ‘medicine’ to treat sore throats. We think a hard candy a day may keep the doctor away this holiday season (or, at the very least, bring on a smile).

Happy Golden Days of Yore

Nostalgic candies help us connect with our past, giving us a glimpse back to simpler times, which as we’ve previously discussed, is good for business. Celebrations too! The colors and fun shapes are are primed for posting on social media so share on your personal and business pages.

Want to add old fashioned flare during the holidays and all year round? Visit our selection of old-fashioned favorites.

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