6 Stats to Boost Holiday Retail Spirit

While it might still be orange and black on your shelves, we know you’re already thinking ahead to the colors of the winter holidays! The National Retailer Federation (NRF) forecasts a positive 2019 holiday season, projecting retail sales during November and December to increase between 3.8 percent and 4.2 percent over 2018 to a total of between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion.

Among the top purchases this holiday season – food and candy. In 2018, NRF estimated that 4 in 10 consumers start shopping on or around November 1st, so make sure you’re prepared with the favorite flavors of Christmas (gingerbread, chocolate chip cookies, anything peppermint), Hanukkah (gelt, kugel, rugelach), and Kwanzaa (anything coconut flavored, sweet potato pie-flavored, or pecan pie-flavored).  

Still feeling a little bah humbug? Here are some fun facts to get you in the holiday spirit.

  • According to market research firm Packaged Facts, in 2018 54% of those who purchased food gifts for friends and family in the last 12 months, purchased them for the winter holidays of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.
  • Based on a survey by Deloitte Insights, 39% of consumers planned to give food and liquor and gifts in 2018, while 42% planned to purchase food and liquor for themselves — the highest out of all categories.
  • 40% of younger consumers, age 18-24, planned to give food as gifts during the holidays in 2018, according to the NRF.
  • 27% of all food gifters in 2018 purchased boxed chocolate according to Packaged Foods.  Other popular food gifts include coffee/tea/hot chocolate gifts, sweet baked gift foods, nut/salty snack gift foods, and popcorn tins/gifts.
  • The NRF found in 2018 that customers spent on average $1,007 on holiday items including decorations, and candy and gifts for themselves and for their families.
  • As part of their holiday 2018 festivities, 48% of consumers planned to spend the holiday making a festive meal or special treats, as reported by the NRF.

Did we help you get rid of your resting Grinch-face? It looks like this holiday season is shaping up to be another positive one for retailers. We start shipping holiday items on October 28. Be prepared for the holiday rush by pre-planning your holiday food and candy selection now.

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