4 Fabulous Fall Colors We Can’t Leaf Alone

Transform your bulk displays with a kaleidoscope of fall’s finest

Fall – it’s the only time of year where looking at leaves on trees is a legit pastime, and a lucrative one at that! In 2018, Vermont’s fall foliage visitors contributed $391 million to the state’s tax revenue and New Hampshire reported $318 million in direct travel-generated earnings from fall visitors.  While these and the other New England states are known to attract fall foliage fanatics, every state has its own dedicated fall foliage destinations that are popular among tourists.

Looking at leaves makes customers hungry so they’re going to be in search of portable snacks that can come along for the ride.  Tap into the foliage fever by creating a candy display full of products mimicking brilliant (and subtle) leaf colors. 

Falling in love with the foliage display idea?  While there is nothing wrong with the tried and true Halloween color palette, a fall display has much more staying power when you break free of the lime green, orange, black, and purple. We break down the 4 main fall foliage colors and our candy favorites for each hue.


Probably the most iconic and identifiable colors of the fall season is orange.  This striking color helps nature put on a brilliant show. Mimic nature and offer a range of oranges from vibrant orange to, peach, to burnt orange.  The quintessential candy corn in less traditional colors like Zachary’s Indian Corn is a customer favorite.  But don’t stop there –  orange and white nonpareil chocolates like  those from Nassau Candy or even crunchy orange candy like Sixlets shimmer orange add to the appeal. Don’t forget your fans of anything ooey, gooey, and chewy.  Orange fruit slices like those from Nassau Candy are evocative of a leaf shape while Taffy Town’s carrot cake handmade salt water taffy is full of those warm spicy fall flavors and scents in addition to the subtle orange hue.

Golden Yellow

From goldenrod to butterscotch, warm golden color lends a brightness and shine to autumn’s leaf displays. Same goes for your bulk candy section. Old-fashioned candies like butterscotch buttons and Gilliam butterscotch barber poles bring a touch of nostalgia, adding to the simple fun of fall foliage tours. Customer favorites like Jelly Belly® caramel corn jelly beans and harvest selection (full of autumn mellowcremes that include ears of corn, pumpkins, and, walnuts) inject even more of the season into your selection.

With a nod to all the poems celebrating nature’s golden colors, shimmering gold brings eye-catching elegance to your assortment.  Kopper’s sparkling prosecco cordials take the gold leaf thing literally with a shimmering edible gold leaf coating. Since these treats are for road trippers, wrapped candies such as gold foiled chocolate marbles, and Coffee Rio coffee flavored caramels, or even golden chocolate drops are ideal selections.  


When rich reds like scarlet and merlot are part of the foliage palette, they induce warm feelings and a give your display the wow-factor. While red is a popular candy color, stick to the deeper red hues for that wonderful fall feel.  We like Kookaburra red licorice, and Jelly Belly Pomegranate jelly beans, as well as Sconza French burnt peanuts which also brings added texture. Since leaf peeping is an event, premium indulgent confections like Marich chocolate cherries, and Nassau Candy black cherry fruit slices will be welcome guests on leaf-peeping trips. Red foiled chocolate marbles and wrapped anise squares will wrap up your red section with classic fall harvest flavors.


Brown isn’t a show off with brilliance and flashy colors, but it’s the most flavorful (in our humble opinion). Seriously, we love to get set for fall by shouting, “Bring on the chocolate!” Okay, maybe not literally shouting it, but we certainly love to talk about all things chocolate. Nassau Candy dark sea salt malt balls with speckles of tan and dark brown can easily take on an autumn feel, when paired with Hershey’s mini unwrapped Kisses, and brown chocolate color drops.  Include different shades of brown and tan like Kopper’s  New York espresso bean mix and Nassau Candy Peanut Brittle.  Round out the selection with wrapped goodies like Goetze vanilla caramel cremes and Black Cow chocolate caramels. Brown is a neutral so it goes with everything, but is especially delightful in candy! Brown signals to the customer that they are in for a rich, indulgent taste experience.

Become Part of the Fall Tradition

Fall foliage watching is an annual pastime.  Bring that same colorful fun to your bulk and premium candy displays with a dedicated section and selection featuring fall foliage colors. Many of the leaf peepers are travelers and will most likely be new to your business, so make sure you promote your selection through colorful signage and/or window displays.  Travelers often look to social media for the “it” places to stop so if you can, create posts incorporating local social media hashtags on the fall foliage to attract customers.  Consider going beyond the traditional plastic bag for self-serve displays to a cloth bag or unique fall-inspired container with your logo.  This will work to help promote your business to other travelers who will see the packages around town. These types of packages are also desirable souvenirs, helping to ensure a repeat stop at your business again next season and again next year.

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