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Why Your Customers Want These 5 Drinkware Products

Single-use plastic bottles and paper cups are going the way of the plastic bag.  A new law enacted in Berkeley, California that goes into effect in January 2020 will require businesses to add a 25-cent charge for single-use paper cups. The law is intended to help reduce waste. With 120 billion paper and styrofoam cups thrown away in the US each year, measures such as this have the potential to make a major impact on spreading awareness about waste and its effect on our environment. California is typically a trailblazer for laws of this type, so we can anticipate similar laws in other cities and states.

Customers are embracing the green lifestyle and ditching single-use containers. That’s evident in the $8 billion Americans spent on reusable bottles in 2018.  As more cup laws come into effect, this number will surely rise. Join your customers in their quest to help the environment by offering branded drinkware. You may also sway some customers to join the movement, all while promoting your brand.   

There are so many different brandable reusable drinkware options — where to start? Here are some customer favorites.

Can’t Say No to Joe

64% of Americans enjoy a cup of coffee every day. Imagine the impact if they all gave up the take-and-toss cup! Coffee craving customers will love these stainless steel tumblers. Keeps hot beverages warm for 6 hours. Customers prefer a cold brew? Great – they keep beverages icy cold for up to 24 hours.

Great for: corporate giveaways, employee recognition, food businesses

Just Chillin’

With everyone ditching single-use plastic bottles, vacuum sealed tumblers have quickly become the favorite container of choice for handy hydration. One can never have too many, as people will keep a few bottles at home, one in the office, and even one for use in the car. This version keeps beverages cold (or even hot) for up to 8 hours.

Great for: fitness businesses, health organizations, hospitality businesses, spa and wellness companies

Show Your True Colors

When it comes to reusable water bottles, form is as important as function. Colorful details integrated into the bottle design are a great way to get noticed. Sport your company or school colors with this sport bottle featuring a flip straw and trim in colors like blue, red, pink or bright green.

Great for: schools, sports teams, colleges

Look Ma – No Stem

According to Wine Analytics Report, consumers in the US purchased more than 408 million cases of wine worth $70.5 billion. With people sipping Chardonnay at parks, beaches, backyards, and outdoor concert venues, stemless wine glasses are quickly rising in popularity. This stainless steel version with a lid is a fun and elegant way to keep vino chilled (keeps beverages cold for 24 hours) anywhere. When not in use with a favorite vintage, this tumbler style wine glass pulls double duty as an elegant water glass or out-of-the-box coffee mug. It keeps beverages hot for up to 6 hours.

Great for: fundraisers, corporate events, milestone birthdays

Keeping it Classic

As we all embrace the idea that sustainability isn’t just a trendy word, we’re proud to report classic multi-color logoed coffee mugs won’t be holding pencils anymore. Build company culture and do your part to help the environment by providing each employee with a logoed mug. Show your employee appreciation by offering a discount at your company cafeteria on coffee and tea purchases made using the logoed mug.

Great for: employee recognition, corporate events

No matter your business, there is a style of customizable drinkware to suit your brand. One of the best sellers for small shops (and also one of the most coveted giveaway items) is a logo mug full of candy! See our brilliant logo on a mug up there at the top.

To find out more about custom promotion products to incorporate into your business, visit Chocolate Inn | Lanco Nassau Candy’s Promotional Products division.

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