The Newest Travel Snacks Every Hotel Should Carry

Meet the 3 Types of Travelers and the Goodies They Want to Gobble

A hotel stay used to be a time of indulgence, from ordering late night room service, to consuming every snack in the mini bar, to stocking up on goodies from the gift shop.  Not anymore.  Moderation of indulgences has taken over, and health trumps taste in consumers’ snack selections, whether they’re traveling or not according to a recent survey by Culinary Visions.  With more and more travelers on the lookout for healthier snack options, keep them happy by catering to their tastes with the food you stock in your hotel and resort gift shops.

There’s not a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to healthy snacks. Traveler type can dictate their snack desires.  We break down the three main types of travelers and their preferences.

Type #1: Road Warriors

Whether attending a conference, or coming into town for a meeting or presentation, business travelers are usually solo, and often don’t have a lot of time to browse. They’re frequently looking for a snack that can double as a meal replacement. Bold health call outs showcasing protein content and health ingredients can help these customers make split-second decisions.

Jerky, particularly chicken or turkey like Krave or Chef’s Cut are great sources of portable protein that are also low in fat.  Meal replacement bars that pack a lot of protein like NuGo bars that derive their protein from egg whites, Caveman which adheres to the popular Paleo diet, or Oatmega rich in protein and fiber, can be a good meal-on-the-run option.  Appeal to the sweet tooth traveler with a better-for-you quick meal replacement with smoothie pouches like those from Ceres.

Even health enthusiasts like a “cheat” meal or snack every now and then. Stock snack options that are crafted for the health-conscious, but also help quench a craving. Eat Your Coffee bars can give a quick pick-me-up with a dose of caffeine, while Undercover Quinoa allows travelers to indulge in a chocolate snack and still get their daily protein and fiber. Those looking for a savory crunch will enjoy Cello Whips cheese crisps or Badda Bean Badda Boom crunchy broad bean snacks in mesquite BBQ, or sweet Sriracha.

Type #2: Family Fun Seekers

Family travelers typically use their hotel as home base, making excursions to the pool, beach, amusement park, or other local destinations. They’re not looking for a full meal replacement, but a healthy snack that will tide the kids over to their next meal. Portability goes hand and hand with nutritional value as parents will have to pack the snacks along with all the mountains of gear that little ones need for a day of fun. 

Children tend to be less adventurous when it comes to eating, so healthier versions of the childhood classics will appeal to both parent and child. Pop Chips Nutter Puffs crunchy puff curls are a non-gmo, gluten-free snack with the flavor chocolate and real peanut butter. Bear Yoyo’s line of all-natural fruit snack tape is fun to peel and eat, and it’s not full of “nonsense”.  The childhood classic, peanut butter and jelly, gets a handy, super-portable bar makeover by This Bar Saves lives (added benefit, for every bar sold, the company will donate food aid to help childhood hunger across the globe). 

Kids may be involved in the selection of these products, so consider their line of vision when placing refreshments in your assortment. Items with standout packaging and fun characters like Tickle Water kid-friendly fruit-flavored sparkling water, or Yum Earth all naturally flavored licorice or lollipops with brightly colored packaging draw lots of attention.

Type #3: Voyaging Vacationers

A solo vacationer — an adult couple — a group of adults— no matter what combination, these travelers’ snacking needs intersect with those of traveling families, but are slightly different.

Like traveling families, they’re looking for a portable snack to satisfy hunger between meals but what makes vacationers unique is that they are often looking for a food adventure.  They are open to new experiences and and if that also includes a healthful ingredient list, so much the better! Plus, they don’t want to spoil those dinner reservations. Offer unique snacks with exotic ingredients.

Crispy Fruit’s line of freeze-dried fruit tempts customers to experience a taste of the tropics like pineapple or mango in a light and crispy snack that is completely portable and shareable. If your hotel/resort is located in a warmer climate, products that showcase tropical ingredients like Primal Kitchen Coconut Lime protein bar or Maple Valley Farms’ California Aloha trail mix featuring coconut, bananas, papaya and pineapple is especially enticing.

For the more adventurous, portable snacks with out of the ordinary ingredients are intriguing. Those with an appreciation for craft beer will want to try Boardwalk Craft Beer pretzels made with IPA, stout, or pilsner. Familiar flavors like cinnamon swirl and s’mores are a great way to introduce travelers to better-for-you options like chia, flax, and quinoa. We recommend Drizzilicious rice, chia, quinoa, and flax chips in sweetly satisfying dessert flavors. Chia seeds mingle with pumpkin seeds, almonds, and other nuts in bite size granola clusters from Creative Snacks Co.

Make sure you offer refreshing beverages to pair with the snacks and meal replacement products. Many health publications highlight the need for travelers to stay hydrated as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on the go. A great option for the adventurous and the health-minded travelers is Mojo coconut water.

Expectations for hotel accommodations are high. Guests are looking for establishments that offer all the amenities. Keep them coming back for more, and get their 5-star reviews by offering an experience they’ll remember. With a fully stocked snack assortment that emphasizes the extraordinary and offers solid nutrition, you’ll be sure to capture your guests’ hearts and loyalty.

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